You go or stay?

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“The world will never be the same again.” This phrase has been one of the most repeated in recent months and almost no one doubts that it will be so. We could analyze from different angles what became the favorite statement of the elite that governs this planet and its henchmen in the media, but what concerns us here is to bring to light what is really happening beyond the changes that are coming in the social, political, economic, geostrategic, technological, environmental, behavioral, genetic and in everything that sustained the civilization that is collapsing.

Without trying to be a reductionist, basically what is happening is that the light in this plane is dying out, that is, soon there will no longer be light beings on planet Earth. The colonization process reached its climax and the counterweights that existed in previous centuries are now nothing more than individual efforts for survival rather than a real balance of forces.

Those who accuse me of being pessimistic refute that it is impossible to break the natural balance that exists in the universe (or multiverses). And I agree with them in a certain way, however, we must look for that parity of forces outside the planet to understand what happens inside. The Earth was lost – anyone with light in their heart knows it – and humanity became a source that emanates a significant amount of darkness. However, the light has persisted and despite having everything against it, it found a way to consolidate an unprecedented union at the galactic level that represents the authentic counterweight to what happens here on Earth and on other planets in the galaxy that were in the same situation.

These words are very difficult to process for the human mind that was programmed centuries ago to perceive as real only those “truths” that science in the service of power accepts as such; to hold on to life and have a permanent hope that things will get better one day; to submit to the designs of a “higher being” who created all this based on a perfect plan that humanity in its infinite ignorance and selfishness spoiled, but that will soon be saved without having to lift a finger …

Few people really accept that there is less and less light on this planet, and those who did had to go through a severe crisis to overturn all the paradigms that made up its structure and its original programming. This process is not at all easy, less in times where a level of obscene psycho-emotional and existential immaturity predominates. Only the truly mad are willing to enter the deepest reaches of the self beyond mind and matter. Very few are willing to give up the demands of worldly life in search of consciousness in its purest state. Only a handful of women and men are willing to defy all that is established within themselves and to embark on a lonely and rugged path like no other. And all for what? To find that everything has already been screwed up here and the only way to be really well is to get out of here? Doesn’t sound attractive, does it? That is why I affirm that only madmen throw themselves into this void, while the great masses drown in the stubborn search for an increasingly uncomfortable comfort and an increasingly unhappy happiness.

And this, precisely, represents a choice. Although we build our reality with each decision we make, in these times more than that is at stake: the choices you make today determine your identity and, therefore, your destiny. In other words, what is happening on the planet since 2018 is that each of the living beings is choosing what they want to be – light or dark – and is deciding between staying on this decaying plane or going where they belong. During centuries of colonization we coexisted on Earth beings of light and darkness, each one living according to their way of interpreting existence. Now that the darkness has prevailed, there are two options: whoever identifies with the mundane and renounces consciousness (the authentic one, not the one bought on Amazon and spread on Instagram), is consciously or unconsciously choosing to remain in the eternal prison. Who, motivated by the call of his conscience, lives working from light and love (the real one, not the one that is learned at Disney and is shown off on Facebook), is choosing to take the last opportunity to get on the train back home . The darkness stays in the dark and the light, or it turns dark and stays in the dark, or it goes where one lives from the light. And you, are you going or staying?