Why don’t the good guys help us

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In every story, even the ones told by the bad guys, the good guys always wins. That has been one of the most effective ways of programming humanity to keep hope alive. The main message of these stories is tattooed in the unconscious mind: “good always triumphs over adversity.” No matter how evil the rival is, he is always defeated and banished by the forces of good. Mythology, legends, stories, fables, novels, sacred books, movies, series, plays, opera, comics and the works that have transcended the most in history, are based on this premise. That is why it is so difficult for humanity to accept that evil triumphed and is imposing its conditions on this planet. But what about the good ones? Are they not supposed to appear to help us free ourselves from evil?

First of all, we should ask ourselves who we call the good guys. Part of the dark manipulation has been to create all kinds of characters that emerge in dark moments to rescue humanity. This is how the heroes who save us have paraded for centuries: gods, angels, incarnated divine beings, super men, ascended masters, prophets, gurus, political and religious figures, aliens of various races, warriors that make up intergalactic alliances and even extraordinary humans that arise from the bosom of the people and guide it towards great transformations.

Most of them have arisen, or will soon arise, from within the system. Creator of these so-called dissidents who seduce the masses, but are in charge of carrying out the agenda of the dark. The reality is that the system is behind everything, both the messiah and the antichrist. Even those extraordinary men and women who have passed through the planet in the last four thousand years, ended up paying for the plans of the system in some way. Against his will, yes, but his life and work ended up being appropriated and misrepresented by the dark forces to manipulate the masses.

They created a religion for Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, and Buddha, to name a few, and filled their original teaching with disgusting dogmas and doctrines. They stole their humanity and clothed them with a halo of divinity that they use for domination purposes, depriving people of the inspiration and guidance of other ordinary people who managed to live from love despite living within the system. In other words, they use the light of these extraordinary beings to create a character and institutions that serve their dark ends. In this way they not only mock the light by using it to manipulate and harm, but they contaminate it with the devotion of the believers.       

In the same way, there were great communities that formed incredible cultures such as the Cathar, Celtic, Hopi, Essenia and many others, but they were killed and wiped from the face of the Earth. And what was left of them was twisted to eradicate their true teaching and further their dark agenda. Or also, the great ancestral cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Persia and so many more in Mesoamerica and the entire world, which were infiltrated and destroyed from within. All of them were born in the light, they grew and became consolidated as a real counterweight to the darkness on this plane. However, darkness infiltrated them and little by little contaminated them until they transformed them into violent peoples, conquerors, oppressors, destroyers, with despotic governments that placed dominion, power and wealth above the common good and respect to freedom. None of these great cultures resisted such a degradation of values and principles, and they invariably ended up self-destructing. Today they sell us as prophecies a series of false interpretations of his work, supported by academics and scientists at his service, that dictate what to believe and what not to believe. Like the priests of the different religions and the leaders of sects who are dedicated to spreading all kinds of misinformation that only anesthetizes, confuses and divides human beings.

Still, somehow there was always a counterweight to the dark plans. For example: while Europe was plunged into the dark ages of the Middle Ages, Mesoamerican cultures flourished in America. When these fell after European intervention, the Renaissance began in the old world. The question is, do you perceive a counterweight in current times? Surely not, because at the end of the 18th century it began to disappear. What were once important communities and movements were reduced to individual efforts. Obviously, these are infinitely more controllable than collectives.

I do not deny that some groups emerge that genuinely try to raise their voices, but they are quickly silenced, disqualified, infiltrated and even disappeared. No kind of collective opposition for commendable ends has any future on this plane. The dark tyranny is carrying out their plans and they will not allow anyone to put them at risk. If they allow protests, it is only to pretend that more and more people are becoming aware and soon everything will change, that is, to keep alive the hope of the masses, but it is nothing more than pure controlled dissent. Anyone linked politically, economically, religiously, socially or morally to the social movements that are in vogue, is working in favor of the system. The only viable alternative is individual liberation. But in times of emptiness that does not seduce almost anyone because of the work and sacrifice that it implies.

And by the way, are there good ones?

Yes, of course they exist, but not in the way that contactees, mediums, channelers and all sorts of enlightened ones of the new age tell us who bring “encouraging messages of freedom” from other planes. All these “honorable members of the mainstream of spirituality” with hundreds of thousands of followers on their social networks (coincidentally they are not censored and disappear, right?), Have a too distorted view of reality.

In previous publications, I mentioned that the dimensions involved in this story are three: the third (you, the human being), the fourth (your energy body, the expression of your original essence that has been since your first incarnation and that lives in that energetic prison known as the “astral plane”) and the fifth (your Self, your origin, your essence; that being that chose to come to Earth with the purpose of making a counterweight when the darkness began to invade and colonize the planet). There are more dimensions after the fifth, but they hardly know that we exist. In the same way that you are not aware of what is happening right now to one of the cells that make up your right foot. You suppose it exists, but whether it is in trouble or not is something you don’t even know about.

So when we talk about the good guys we mean our fourth and fifth dimensional peers. The point is that our fourth-dimensional Self is imprisoned in the matrix just like us. He in the energy matrix and we in physics. And like us down here, they were deceived too since they came to this plane:

First they erased their memory so that they would not remember where they came from or what for. So that they were not aware of the rules of the game that the darkness imposed on this plane and allowed themselves to be manipulated at the whim of the dark. They were then connected on an energetic level to a being that pretends to be a master who guides them to make the most of the human experience. Could not be farther from the truth. That supposed master is nothing more than a dark being of an important level that determines what your next incarnation will be: when you are born, in what country, in what socioeconomic conditions, who are your parents, what will be your relationship with them, if you will be healthy or not, how will be the bonds that you will form during your life; as well as when and how you are going to die, and the most relevant aspects of each incarnation. That is, before being born, the most important decisions in your life were already determined by someone other than you (even if they would make us believe otherwise). Free will does not exist, it only serves to choose how you will get from point A to point B. And if you try to get out of the hutch, through that connection they have with your energy body, they can make you return to fulfill the original plan how many times they wish.

I know it sounds very drastic. It seems that there is no way to get out of this, however, your consciousness, your essence, is stored within your energetic heart, in the center of your chest. They can erase your memory, but only you can erase your essence. How? By renouncing it, as long as you don’t, you can access it and take responsibility for your destiny (assuming the consequences of your daring, of course).

The real matrix

Darkness triumphed not because it is more powerful than light, quite the contrary. But because human beings were turning off their light incarnation after incarnation. Those beings who determine the course of our life, put us again and again in adverse situations. And every time in a lifetime – aware of it or not – someone rebelled and strengthened his light, when he returned to answer for his life, the supposed guide imposed severe punishments that had an effect both on the energy plan, as in later incarnations. Hence, a large number of us gave up living in love incarnation after incarnation. And not only that, they began to feel comfortable in working from the dark. In such a way that his energy body lost its light completely and ended up being one of them. A significant number of “bad” human beings that we see everywhere were once like us, but ended up losing themselves in the human experience and playing for the opposing team. The rest of them are dark in nature and generally hold positions of power. They are the ones who manage the matrix on the physical plane and are in charge of perpetuating the system that has brought so many benefits to them for centuries.

Hence we can affirm that the only good ones who are not enslaved are our fifth-dimensional peers. They are the ones who could come to rescue us, but this is no longer possible under any scenario. Since when the invasion and subsequent colonization of the Earth by the dark forces began, they put an energy mesh around the planet that acts as a border from which they control access and exit from this plane. But what is that mesh? It is a low-vibration energy field that traps anyone who does not vibrate at low frequencies like a spider web, that is, no being that is not dark can pass through it.

At first this energy field was not so powerful and ours from other dimensions found a way to manifest and remind us of who we are, where we come from and what we incarnate ourselves for. As proof of this, there are all kinds of manifestations of beings and vehicles typical of other worlds in various original cultures around the world. Somehow they were present and helped us to form on this Earth under siege societies governed by the universal principles of love. Until the darkness infiltrated them and ended them.

This mesh has been fed by all the low vibration energy that has been produced on the planet for five thousand years, and it has become so strong that its density is impenetrable for any being of light. Any action with dark intentions adds to its strengthening: the low vibration energy caused in a robbery, in the sustained abuse of a teacher to his students, in the beating that a man has inflicted on his wife, that generated by a war with hundreds of deaths, an economic crisis that hits several countries, a natural disaster or the detonation of a nuclear bomb in the ocean. All that pain and suffering caused indistinctly to humans, beings of nature and the Earth itself, generate low vibration energy that strengthens the mesh, or rather, the wall that isolates us from the rest of the universe.

As you can imagine, only low-vibration entities can pass through the wall as they please. And for this they open portals in events that concentrate large numbers of people, in places where the energy of the Earth is powerful, in violent cities and neighborhoods; or in ancestral ceremonies where the attendees go defenseless and end up parasitized, such as shots of ayahuasca, peyote or similar, temazcales, pre-Hispanic rituals, mass prayers, collective meditations, etc. Although they also take advantage of dates such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, May 1st; relevant astronomical events or high symbolic content; or major events such as the opening ceremonies of the Olympic or world soccer games, the super bowl, award ceremonies and political, religious and social events of global significance; to perform ceremonies, rituals and all sorts of aberrations that feed all the dark entities that they allow to enter through these portals.

It should be clarified that, for some time to date, the UFOs that can be seen anywhere in the world are manned by low vibration beings, since they are the only ones compatible with the current vibration of the planet. Within the mesh, it is the domain of darkness and they are forbidden for beings of a higher vibration.

what I am trying to say is that there are more and more low vibration entities on this plane and they all need energetic nourishment. That is why their need to generate fear, pain and suffering in every living being is increasing. This is the energy that nourishes and strengthens both the colonizing entities and the wall that surrounds the planet in the purest style of medieval walled cities.

Were we left to our own devices?

Thus it was that our fifth-dimensional peers lost all possibility of intervening on this plane. I don’t mean to say they lost total contact. There have always been humans with open psychic channels capable of establishing some kind of communication, mainly through dreams, meditation or some other “spiritual” type of discipline.Many times these people are not aware that this contact is established with a version of themselves in a higher dimension, therefore, they associate this as ideas product of their inspiration or intuition; or that the source from which these ideas or even dialogues come are angels, teachers, guides or even a divine being. Like Joan of Arc, for example, who said that “God spoke to her”, but it was not precisely “that” that she communicated with. I cannot fail to mention that it is clear that, too often, dark entities disguised as “good” intervene in this communication to deceive and manipulate the unsuspecting or inexperienced, but over time you learn to identify and separate them.

Anyway, the important thing here is to focus on the possibility of someone coming from outside to rescue us from the dark tyranny. And I think that by now it must be clear that thinking that is not only innocent, but very little strategic for your future, since the only ones who could intervene, if that were the case, would be those fifth-dimensional beings that have a human incarnate on Earth. The rest, even if they wanted to, could not. But why not do something to end this nightmare that so many of us live in? Mainly for two things: (1) Because before coming here they committed themselves to nonintervention. It is one thing to help us remember who we are, where we come from and what we are here for, and it is quite another to come and do our homework. That does not help anyone to grow, quite the opposite. And (2), because unconditional love implies the unrestricted respect of the free will of each one. And if a human – aware of it or not – chooses to stay here or live on the dark side, they must let it go. To try to prevent it would be to impose something on him against his will, and that is exactly what darkness does, not love. That is why his intervention is limited to trying to make us see the deceit, to remind us of our origin and little else. The rest depends on each of the human beings.

Currently, the great challenge of all beings of light in the galaxy, is not to come to save something that has no salvation because humans chose it that way, but to remove from here those who still vibrate in love and do not identify with the life of shit that this plane offers. The world no longer has salvation, but we do. And they are doing everything they can to make us become aware that time is over, so that we identify with them, our essence, and not with the “self” that created the system to anchor us to this plane, in order to help them to get us out of here by letting go of everything that binds us to the mundane.

In other words, we are the ones who have to help them. We are the ones who have to get close to them to reintegrate ourselves into the same being again. The system has been telling us for centuries that it will be the other way around and our stupid mind is convinced that it will be! That something or someone is going to come to take all the bad guys to the afterlife and so we can live in a rosy world without doing anything to achieve it. Isn’t it absurd?

In conclusion, the good guys exist and are doing what they can to make humans and their fourth-dimensional energy bodies aware of their nature; identify with it and not with the spurious identity created by the darkness to anchor you to this plane; begin to live in love in all aspects of your life; renounce the mundane and accept once and for all that this world only offers you pain and suffering, and each day that passes will get worse.

The moment we gather enough light energy, a portal will open in the wall that has us locked in here, and with the force with which those outside are pulling us and the momentum that we achieve, we will get out of here. . That is what the so-dreamed of “critical mass” will serve for, to get us out of this prison, not to illuminate the Earth and everything becomes bliss and happiness. For this, every moment counts, every choice is decisive. What each of us does in their individual process benefits all of us. Outside everyone wants us to return all of us who are trapped here and are working hard for it. Each one of us counts a lot for the collective of light of which we are part, but each one must play a part. Whoever does not do it is choosing to stay, consciously or not. By remaining anchored in the mundane or yearning for a better future, you are forgoing the jackpot in exchange for a shackle.

No one is going to do the work for you. The darkness is only tempting you and if you betray yourself in exchange for the happiness you always dreamed of, soon that happiness will turn to shit for you. Remember: “in 2030 you will have nothing and you will be happy.” And when you regret it, it will be too late. The train will pass only once. It is up to you to accept with maturity that things are not as you would like and take responsibility for your salvation and, incidentally, that of the group of which you are a part. If you want to be darkness, surrender without guilt or regret to the hell you chose. But if you want to be love, take responsibility for doing what you have to do and work hard, with perseverance, without fear and trusting that the product of your effort multiplies with the efforts of others, and sooner rather than later, we will get out of here. 

The New Age of light has already begun outside of this prison. Inside, darkness will reign indefinitely. Getting out of here represents true freedom. I am not sure how it will be once we achieve it, but what you can be sure of is that: not even the best thing you have ever lived on Earth compares minimally to what your life will be like in your place of origin. Make it possible, it’s up to you.