What is happening to us?

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At first I thought it was just me. As the days passed, comments in my close environment made me realize that I was not the only one. A part of me felt at peace about it, but another part of me went into a state of alert. In the days that followed, I received more comments and questions from people of various ages, genders, social conditions, and geographic locations. We all agree on the same symptoms. What is happening to us?

I have already said that the present times are of definition. There is no time to experiment, to make mistakes that will later be compensated to get back on track. No, that was before. At present, the mistakes that are made can be decisive in defining what will become of us for the rest of our existence. Time is up. You go or stay. There’s no more.

Whether you are aware or not, whether you agree or not, today we are all choosing where we want to spend the rest of eternity. That site is not necessarily the one that corresponds to you because of your origin or your nature, but because of your choices and your actions. Hence, those who identify with the mundane and what this planet offers them will stay here for life, just like those who claim to be love and, both the origin and the consequences of their actions, are not congruent with their words. On the other hand, there are those who have heard the call of their conscience and already accept that this world has nothing to offer them beyond perpetual pain and suffering. The former will stay on this prison planet that they like so much and where they are so comfortable (unhappy, but comfortable), while the rest will leave here to rejoin their essence and live according to the universal values of love.

All human beings are experiencing a series of symptoms that reveal the path we choose to take. My intention with these publications is that you understand that what you are feeling is part of a process and serves as a parameter that you are on the right track. Or not, and define yourself at once or do what you have to do to get back on track.

It is not my intention to label anyone, much less to generate an absurd division between good and bad, beings of light and beings of darkness or anything similar. What I believe is that there are beings who are feeling the call of their conscience and are being subjected to an enormous confusion caused by two actors: their mind and the system. Some are experiencing attachment to the mundane and others just the opposite. Each one is manifesting a series of symptoms related to their level of consciousness and her behavior. The problem is that nobody recognizes them as part of a process and they are going unnoticed by the vast majority of humanity.

Before going fully into the symptoms of those who leave and those who stay, I would like to address in greater detail the two factors that are generating confusion in the current context.

The first of these is the human mind itself that was programmed to instinctively preserve life. In a chaotic (and worsening) scenario like the current one, the mind feels vulnerable and triggers all the mechanisms to adapt and safeguard life. The problem is that the reptilian brain not only operates on the survival instinct, it also governs the irrational pursuit of pleasure.

Now, let us remember that the physical body is borrowed and belongs to this plane, therefore, it cannot accompany us where we will go. The physical body is like the cell inside the jail. In order to free ourselves, we must first get out of one and then the other. People who still have light in their hearts, are capturing the energy of transformation coming from the outside and their consciousness begins to adapt to the imminent change. At the unconscious level, the mind picks up on these signals and interprets them as life is in danger. Consequently, it activates the self-preservation instinct to preserve it. As it does? Falling into denial of everything that is happening at the energetic level and activating an irrational need for pleasure, which includes not only pleasure on a physical level, but the desire for all kinds of activities and projects that generate attachments to the mundane, for example: studying for a graduate degree, having a child, investing for the long term, getting a makeover, increased sexual appetite, growing craving for stimulating food, consuming the various entertainment options offered by the system, starting your business dreams, etc.

In other words, the self-preservation instinct wants us to root in the world, while conscience wants us outside of it. In the midst of this confusion doubt arises. Who do I listen to? You will find the answer by reflecting on what you really want: to continue in prison or to free yourself from it once and for all.

But be very careful to fall into the polarities. It is not about isolating yourself or becoming a hermit. It is about choosing our activities from the conscience and always orienting them to the goal of getting out of here. What makes your heart shine? Cooking, playing the guitar, walking in the woods? Do it! But do it with the conscious that if you are going to play the guitar it is to raise your vibration and make your heart shine, with the aim of not letting yourself be devoured by the darkness and being strong to get out of here when the time comes. Give up the expectations of making an album and becoming famous all over the world. That is the ego wanting to contaminate your heart and rooting you to the mundane, not your conscience. If cooking is your thing, share love through food and create moments of harmony around it. That makes your heart shine more than opening a successful restaurant, which will only anchor you to matter and worldly life. In short, find the nuances. Find the grays between white and black. Think that you do not have much time left and that it is not worth embarking on medium and long-term commitments. Prioritize your activities and spend as much time as you can to generate moments of light. Get up to shine and live one day at a time. In the next post we will talk about the symptoms that are occurring in those who leave and in those who stay.