What is “getting out of prison”?

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If you have followed these publications, surely on more than one occasion you have wondered what I mean by expressions such as “get out of prison” and “return home.” The answer is very simple: one part of us must die – the physical body – so that the other part – the energy body – can leave this plane and return to its place of origin.

This is the complexity of the issue, because where do we come from and where do we go back? The traditional religions –both of the East and the West–, the new age, the old mystical and esoteric treatises; alchemy, shamanism and original cultures; contemporary and millenary philosophical traditions, every spiritual current and every sect institutionalized or not, offer us answers that were created on distorted, altered and manipulated truths in order to enslave humanity through deceptions and lies that only confuse those who begin to wake. So let’s start by clarifying where do we come from to understand where we are going:

The human body as we know it today is a creation of the colonizers of the planet. As perfect as it may seem, it is just a bunch of cells and genes that make up the vehicle that contains our energy. The physical body is in the third dimension and our energy (you can call it soul) is in the fourth dimension. They are two bodies that have a different consciousness but are totally linked. They are like a fruit: the peel is equivalent to the human body and the pulp to its energy (soul).

The body is inside the cell called the body-mind, while its energy is enslaved in the prison that is popularly known as the astral plane. Your energy, that is your soul, is the same from your first incarnation. Every time you incarnate on Earth, it is linked to your physical body. All the decisions you make during your life strengthen that energy or weaken it; make it shine or dull it. When you die, your physical body stays in this plane and the energetic is disassociated from it to begin a very sinister process that will culminate in a next incarnation. In future posts I will explain what happens during that period. For now, it is enough to understand that what gives life to our physical body is the energy body and that it is intimately affected or benefited by the decisions that your human makes during the time that he remains incarnated.

The source from which both the human and his energy body come is his fifth-dimensional Self (commonly called spirit). So no, no divine being created us and we don’t go to heaven after we die. This fifth-dimensional being is pure energy, that is, it lacks matter. You are precisely the version of him on the material plane. That being lives in another plane, perhaps in a star, a constellation or some planet. It is part of a civilization whose characteristics vary according to the race and place of origin of each one of them. There are places outside this planet where everything is dark, others where there is only light and others co-inhabited by beings of both light and darkness, but without occupying the same space as here. In this plane, each one has a place that is governed by the principles determined by its essence, its values and its evolutionary level.

The important thing now is not to know more about their characteristics and customs, but to understand that you are not a physical body with its respective mind, and that these come from a superior being or a divinity. When they tell you that you were created in the image and likeness of that being, what they are actually telling you is that you were programmed by something or someone other than you to fulfill their designs on this plane. The reality behind this is that your fifth dimensional being (spirit) is the ocean, your fourth dimensional being (soul) is the water of that ocean contained in a pool, and your human being (third dimension) is a drop of that water that retains the same characteristics as the ocean from which it comes.

That ocean, that is, your fifth-dimensional Self, was the one who decided to incarnate for reasons that we will review later. In absolute awareness and using his will and his free will, he decided to come to Earth. And for this he released a part of the energy from him that became your fourth-dimensional energy body (soul) and each human that you have incarnated comes from the latter. The great problem is that when that part of your fifth-dimensional Self entered this (astral) plane, it entered a maximum security prison where the first thing they did was erase its memory so it would lose its identity and consequently they could begin to reprogram it in each incarnation. The only way to get out of here is by remembering who you are and living each moment of your daily life in line with who you really are, not with what the prison guards have programmed into your unconscious mind over hundreds of incarnations to continue to enslave you.

The more you identify with what you are not, the more your behavior is contrary to your nature. As long as that situation continues, you will remain anchored to this plane. It is as if your fifth-dimensional Self had the shape of a tree, but your fourth and third-dimensional bodies are shaped like an ant because it is the programming that they were given, that was strengthened with each incarnation and that is consolidated with each decision you make in your daily life. Leaving here implies taking the form of your original Self and that only happens with events guided by your conscience. But bear in mind something: to know what you are, you must first discover what you are not. You will perceive your essence to the extent that you destroy the paradigms, conditioning, beliefs and all kinds of learning that have led you to have a wrong concept of yourself. First in the third dimension and then in the fourth. In other words, first in your mind and then in your soul. Both are enslaved here and must discover the ocean within. What will happen when they do? We will see it in the next post.