We are food of darkness

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The human body is a creation of those who colonized this planet. These dark entities have preyed on the human race from the beginning. That’s what they created it for. The body and the energy that inhabits it are linked to each other, in such a way that everything that happens on the material plane affects or benefits the energy that is inside you. You are not your body or your mind, but that energy.

It is evident that dark entities feed on low vibration energy, therefore, the system that governs the world was designed so that its inhabitants produce as much negative energy as possible. Anything that causes pain and suffering is food for darkness. The more food they have, the stronger they will be; The stronger they are, the larger they will be, and the larger they are, they will achieve more and more power.

People who still hope that one day things will get better have not wanted to accept this simple equation. The more pain in the world, the more the dark forces are strengthened and the light ones are weakened. Is it necessary to remember what the last 5,000 years have been like on this planet? Think wisely. Do you remember a period without wars, injustices, abuses, violence, instability, hunger, lies, diseases, disasters, betrayals, misery, etc.? Now think about what was 2020, the current state of the world and the gloomy prospects for the future. All the energy produced by thoughts, emotions, behaviors and their physical manifestation, is mostly negative. Hence, the energy of light is being extinguished forever on this plane, after five millennia resisting the permanent and increasingly sophisticated onslaught of the forces of darkness that govern it.

Now, can you imagine what the current state of your energy is? And I am not asking you to consider all the pain and suffering that you may have experienced and accumulated in hundreds of previous incarnations. Just think about the current incarnation and the amount of low vibration energy that you have experienced from the beginning. Think about what you generate when you turn to see the world in which you live and the very poor alternatives that it offers you to live with dignity.

This is how stunted your energy body is. One painful experience after another. One painful event after another. One negative experience after another. And always believing that now it is the good one and that something is going to change for the better. Always believing that to the extent that you solve this or that thing, that you achieve this or that, you will be able to live according to the expectations that the system created in you to control you and finish every last drop of energy that you still have.

The greater the expectation in the future, the more pain. The more hope for change, the more suffering. And the more you feed that energy to the darkness, the more you will weaken and dim until you are completely extinguished. Does the stake seem low to you? Hence my insistence on living in love, that is the only thing that can get you out of the vicious circle in which you consume yourself.

From the energy point of view that we are addressing on this occasion, it is essential to make you aware of two things that have immediate practical application:

I have already mentioned before that the universe is dual and that two paths always run in parallel: one of darkness and one of light. A conscious person seeks to be in the light most of the time, especially when the situation is pressing. In this way he avoids being contaminated with negative energy and nurturing the darkness with the low vibration energy produced by his negative emotions. In everyday circumstances the path of light may involve just acknowledging negative thoughts and emotions, letting go, focusing on the positive, and flowing. However, there are more demanding and confrontational situations that require a greater focus to make momentous decisions. For example: getting away from a loved but harmful person, leaving a job, modifying habits, breaking patterns and paradigms, confronting the established or anything that implies leaving the comfort zone. Always in these cases wisdom is found in the conscience and strength in the heart. Taking action from the light strengthens your light and empowers you in the face of darkness. The more decisions you make from the light, the more light there will be within you, as well as greater strength and greater awareness. And the more awareness, the more freedom.

The second thing to keep in mind is that thoughts produce emotions, emotions produce behaviors, and behaviors strengthen or weaken your energy. In this way, negative thoughts produce negative emotions and these result in negative behaviors. Every negative action dulls your energy and weakens you. On the other hand, when this cycle is positive, your energy ignites and strengthens you. As you can see, your behavior is the result of your thoughts and your emotions. You are not what you think or what you feel, you are what you do. Because regardless of whether your nature is dark or light, your actions determine the frequency at which your energy vibrates: it doesn’t matter that you claim that you are pure love, every time you hurt someone your energy dims and you darken. Bearing in mind the above empowers you to choose conscientiously and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Assuming that responsibility makes you the creator of your reality and that, dear reader, is true freedom. The freedom to choose through your conduct whether you return to the light or become trapped in the darkness of this plane.