The usual paradigms

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The current chaos is said to be the product of a change of Era. That the paradigms that determined reality on this plane for the past thousands of years are collapsing and new ones are being born in their place. But let’s see, are new ones really being born or is it just changing the model? Let me explain with an example:

A married person who decides to divorce is changing from the paradigm of marriage and life as a couple, to the paradigm of singleness and all that it implies. Who only changes partners is not changing paradigm, is only changing model. And it is fine if that person feels comfortable living as a couple, but after a while they will have the same problems that life as a couple implies but with a different face. If what she wants is to get rid of those problems, she must change her life, not her partner. She will never find the perfect match because the problem is not the person in front of her, but herself. Accepting it and beginning the necessary process to reverse it is absolutely transformative. Anything else just involves playing dumb on your own and justifying yourself to yourself and others.

Well, the same happens with the current humanity that continues looking outside the solution to all its inner problems. She continues to cling to finding a different reality without leaving the prison where she is enslaved.

In the previous publication I said that the four paradigms that support reality in this plane are: politics, religion, science and economics. Those who hold to the idea of a profound transformation once the current chaos has been overcome, are losing sight of two things: the first is that the darkness worked hard for more than five thousand years to make that not happen. And the second, that throughout that period he riched to make humanity feel comfortable in this reality and reject any attempt to transform it. Hence, at most the forms will change, but the depht will remain the same.

Capitalism will collapse and, although it continues to exist in some countries, it will lose global hegemony. In their place, a tyrant and controlling socialist regime will be imposed. Has the human being taken responsibility for himself and for what life in society implies, privileging the common good? No. So, has the paradigm of politics been transformed? No, he just changed his regimen. The religions will unify, some will collapse and the masses will continue to worship “superior beings” who will impose their unified codes of conduct for the entire world population according to “humanistic values”, by means of which they will control the population. Did the human being develop his spirit by himself without intermediaries and became aware of his true nature? No. So, was the paradigm of religion transformed?  No.

Worldwide study programs will be unified, education will be compulsory, and people’s minds will continue to be programmed to prevent them from thinking for themselves, questioning themselves and having their own criteria. Science will impose its rules on food, health, biogenetics and the conception of reality. Did the human being come to understand himself and everything that surrounds him through critical thinking, his own experimentation and the free development of his physical and metaphysical abilities? No. Then, was the paradigm of science transformed? No. And finally, the physical currency will disappear. Cryptocurrencies will be imposed but only those regulated by central banks. The income of the population will be equated with a basic universal income. Traditional banking will be radically transformed. There will be a total control of income and expenses, and therefore, an absolute control of the world population through a totalitarian state. Has the human being freed himself from the prison that economics implies? No. Has that paradigm been transformed? No. And for all those who live with the firm idea that all this will one day change, or that the energy of Aquarius will illuminate humanity to transform all evil that afflicts it and that the union of all as brothers will prevent the evil plans from the elite to taking place. I have the news that far from being part of a solution, they are a very important part of the problem. His illness is called “keeping hope alive” and its main symptom is naivety. But we’ll talk about that in the next post