The tyranny of optimism

During the lockdown, the masses were forced to contact their inner world and went into total panic. Hence the feeling of being in an oasis as soon as the totalitarian measures imposed under the pretext of controlling the health situation began to relax (except for those who live in countries like Italy, France, Canada or Australia, to name a few). Little by little they join the activities that keep them distracted and today more than ever they cling to the banalities that give meaning to their bare existence. That is why they deny all contact with reality and cling to living inside a bubble of exaggerated optimism, as artificial and grotesque as Kardashian’s butt.

Optimism became an obligation, a duty, politically correct. Anyone who has their own criteria and expresses a realistic opinion of the current situation is automatically rejected. Inconvenient truths are interpreted as hate speech. Conscientious people are considered “conspiracy theorists” and treated as terrorists. There is no room for critical thinking and there is total rejection of those who are out of the norm.

Optimism is the new tyranny that knows no nuances and expresses itself with the violence of those who live on the defensive. What used to be people are now characters. They are just shadows faking smiles, inventing dreams to be happy. Fragile Crystal Heroes. Scared children clinging to their fantasy world like Peter Pan, refusing to open their eyes because they believe that if they don’t see reality, it doesn’t exist.

The intolerance they manifest when someone complains about the current state of the world is becoming more and more strident. They cannot bear the slightest criticism and are incapable of articulating for themselves an argument that supports their behavior, they only repeat like parrots the script with which they were indoctrinated by the system’s spokesmen. And the worst: they think they are doing the world a favor with their infantilized optimism. They truly believe that this is their duty and the greatest contribution they can make to the world. Therefore, they perceive people who keep their critical thinking and have a minimally awake conscience as emissaries of the devil himself and as those directly responsible for everything bad that happens on this planet.

His behavior is like that of an overprotected child. His parents do not teach him to satisfy his own biological and psychological needs. Therefore, he develops a dysfunctional narcissism (pathological, on many occasions) that turns him into a tyrant who demands that others take responsibility for him. An expert manipulator and controller who believes the world should revolve around him. A narcissist who does not love, he uses people; that he lacks empathy and forces those around him to be as he likes or suits him; that he can only perceive his needs and desires, where his will is the reality to which everyone has to adapt, and where everything, always, is about him.

Optimism, infantilism, narcissism. In all three words the Greek suffix “ism” appears, which means attitude, doctrine or system. Is it a coincidence or are we facing three of the columns that support the new era of planetary darkness?

And it is that childish and narcissistic optimism has become a dogma for millions of parishioners who feel responsible for indoctrinating the global population. Every day, hordes of fanatics with the support of institutions and corporations of all kinds, preach the gospel of the uncritical zombies in all the communication channels within their reach, the same ones that censor with an aberrant cynicism whoever commits the audacity to dissent.

And then you have to go through life angry and bitter?

The immature optimism that starts from a denial of reality, a disconnection with oneself and a series of dysfunctions and unattended personal wounds has nothing to do with having a positive attitude towards life. The first denies evil out of fear, mistrust and insecurity; or for a selfish tantrum. The second perceives adversity, accepts it and conscientiously chooses to face it with a positive attitude, that is, having the certainty that there is no darkness that can harm you when you stand firm in love and trust in what you are.

The optimist of the new age, sees the danger and closes his eyes, turns the other way or turns it around. A person who lives in love and has a positive attitude towards life faces danger. He falls down, but gets up. They hurt him, but he learns, grows stronger and grows through his battle wounds. And if the enemy is very big, he allows himself to be afraid, but he does not allow himself to be governed by him. When he gets to this point, he is no longer afraid of death, lack, rejection, illness, loneliness and nothing that the masses fear. The positive attitude arises from the certainty of what he is; optimism, fear of what is not.

Positive people are able to see the serious risk involved in being love in times of darkness, but they focus on doing only their part and trust that others will be doing their part. Therefore, they do not feel the need to indoctrinate their environment. Their self-confidence speaks for them, as well as the security and peace they project in situations before which the majority collapses. They know that living in love is not only an act of conscience, but of consistency. Therefore, in your environment there is harmony, abundance and stability, although the rest of the world is plunged into the worst crisis.

A positive person is just that, a person. One of these superhero movie optimists, they’re just a character. A puppet who plays the role that someone assigned to him in a fictional script. These characters have already chosen the reality in which they want to live. They hug her every day and defend her at close range. Aware people perceive it clearly, respect it and let go without guilt or remorse. They know that a very pure act of love is also giving someone the opportunity to learn to take responsibility for themselves. Whether the other accepts it or not is his business and he will have to take responsibility for the consequences of his choices, for better or for worse. That is, they live and let live in freedom.

Finally, an aware person does not get involved in sterile discussions. In fact, he cares a lot about his opinions. She knows that it is not an act of love to give someone the most beautiful flower in her garden, when in return she receives insults, disqualifications and aggression of all kinds. Those flowers are reserved for those who know how to value them and correspond with their own flowers. An aware person is not contaminated by the comments of the members of the church of the optimists. In any case, he has fun with them and does not allow them to affect him. Taking the poison that others produce is not exactly an act of love towards oneself. It is better to let them continue living in their world of colored ponies and cotton candy, they are fine there. Better focus on doing what needs to be done to get out of here and let them wallow in their own chocolate chip shit. Bon Appetit!