The two ways

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Every path of redemption opens one of perdition and vice versa. The universe is dual. One of the greatest lies of the new age is to claim that duality only exists in our mind and that everything outside of this plane is light and love. This is nothing but the adaptation to our times of the myth of paradise, which represents a source of hope for the masses that sleep the dream of unconsciousness.

Just as there is a creative source of every manifestation of light that exists in the universe (or multiverse if you prefer to call it that), there is also a source of darkness with the same creative capacities and the same natural need for expansion. Each one does it in its own way and under the parameters that it determines according to its essence.

Balance is a universal law represented by a world-famous symbol: the ying-yang. Light and darkness are manifested in everything that exists. Light predominates in those who come from that source, but there is always a part of darkness that can express itself at any time, and vice versa. It is a mistake to believe that your source of origin determines your being. It is actually your doing that determines who you are. And what governs your behavior is your conscience. Perhaps what existence is all about is testing both sides of the coin and defining which one you want to be in.

This is not as easy as saying that you are or that you want to be on one side or the other. It is your choices, your decisions and your daily actions that make the light or darkness in you manifest and strengthen. Specifically, it is your actions that define you, not your nature.

Apart from this, there are always two possibilities that run in parallel. Let’s take 2020 as an example: suddenly a situation arose that generated fear, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness, anger, despair and all sorts of low-vibration thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors, that is, dark ones. It is absolutely natural for such an event to arouse these psycho-emotional reactions in human beings. This is how we were created. But once you are aware of what you think and what you feel, you can choose how to deal with the situation. You can do it from the dark or from the light. Negative thoughts generate negative emotions and these produce negative behaviors, and vice versa.

It is what you do that determines who you are. It is useless to say that you are calm and trust that everything will be fine, if inside you are a sea of anxiety and your behavior is a reflection of it. In this case, you are governed by negative energy, darkness, regardless of whether your origin is light. And your behavior strengthens the darkness within you even though you remain convinced that you are love and peace, “decreeing” positive things as you learned in The Secret, with your vegan diet and doing yoga every morning.

In the same way, every time you start something you must be aware “from where” you are making the decision, if the origin of this is light or darkness, that is, consciousness or ego. But beware, humans are experts in the art of self-deception and we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the darkness that uses our deficiencies, our wounds and our deepest longings to make us believe that we want or need this or that thing, experience, person or activity in our life. lifetime. That always ends in tragedy because you “sell” your will to the dark in exchange for worldly pleasures, no matter how elevated or loaded with good intentions they may seem.

There is always an alternative path to which you are walking. Whenever a cycle of light begins, a cycle of darkness begins and vice versa. The New Age represents a new dawn for those who tune into that light energy through their actions. Humanity plunges more and more into darkness and believes that suddenly everything is going to light up because of the stars, because of the Era, because the messiah… The Earth is firmly planted on a path of darkness and neither a calendar date nor an astronomical event will get it out of there. In any case, it would have been the actions of humanity that could have done it, but that is no longer going to happen. The masses, regardless of their origin, fell into the game of darkness and aware of it or not, they strengthened that energy within them that today governs their will and determines their destiny.

It is an individual decision to get out of the path of darkness that governs reality on this plane and to tune into the path of light that is reborn today in the rest of the galaxy. Light attracts light but there is only one way to respond to the call: living from the light, that is, becoming aware of the decisions and choices we make, and reaffirming them with behavior. Only those who live in the light are light, the rest are not like all the politicians and religious who say one thing but do another. In the end someone goes to jail for what they do, not for what they think, feel or say. If you want to get out of here, you have to do what you have to do. And even if the picture is completely dark where you are, trust that there is always a parallel path where things are different. Let your conscience direct you to it and take the steps with the firmness of someone who knows that there is no darkness that can stop the light.