The planetary prison

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The world is a prison where each human lives in a cell. Nobody knows their leaders, only the jailers, that is, the politicians and businessmen who control the world. The main rule in this prison is “everyone suffers” – including the jailers and leaders – and injustice is one of its main values. The cells where the inmates live are narrow, dark and uncomfortable, but to keep them docile and obedient they are equipped with enough entertainment and worldly pleasure of all kinds. In such a way that the inmates are well distracted and do not even realize that they are imprisoned.

The leaders designed a system in which inmates work inside the prison in exchange for points that they can exchange for satisfiers of their basic needs, comforts or entertainment for their cell, even companionship. So whoever works the most, the more can be abstracted from the confinement in which they find themselves. Thus, they compete with each other for jobs and to see who has the best cell, the most beautiful, the most entertaining. The jailers ensure that there are always marginalized inmates, who live miserably, punished and violated. They are a permanent reminder for others to keep working and obeying.

The prisoners have been locked up for so long that they believe that confinement is the only reality that exists. They have heard of a life outside but they are only rumors or something unattainable, they believe that “happiness” is there. They also consider that the purpose of their life is to work to have a better cell and to be in better company to deal with loneliness. They often refer to this as “happiness”, “success”, “progress” and “goal in life”, and they even feel lucky and blessed by the prison leaders for being so good to them and giving them so many possibilities to ” growth”. These provide the inmates with the illusion that the lower-level jailers change from time to time and that, furthermore, it is the prison population who chooses their successors. The reality is that all the options presented to them are at the service of the prison leaders, not the inmates. They just choose who is going to fuck them and how he is going to do it. But at the end, they fuck them one way or another.

Every now and then a new inmate with revolutionary ideas arrives and begins to tell them about the lie in which they live. He tells them about life outside of prison and how everything is different. He shares ideas of freedom, of justice, of love. It makes them see that their seclusion is double – jail and the human body – and that their reality will hardly change if they are not aware that they are much more than that and that they can aspire to a better existence if they rediscover that part inside and make it the leader of their daily actions.

Some listen to it but don’t understand it. They are like fish to whom you tell that life exists outside of water and the first thing they ask is: “Are we in the water?” They then affirm, “It is impossible for life to exist outside of water.” And yet they blindly believe  –and they defend it at all costs– that there is life in heaven and those who die are jumping naked among the clouds while an old bearded man delights in the harp music played by angels. Due to their insulting ignorance and apathy, the inmates reject the ideas of those who come to show them different realities and paths, and end up lynching the revolutionary to once again indulge in pleasure and chase the carrot of happiness that they will never achieve.

Every once in a while the inmates get tired of so much injustice and they perceive – without realizing it – an energy of change that comes from outside. This motivates them to rebel against dictatorial measures but they always fail because their awareness of reality is so poor that they only aspire to change cells to a larger and more comfortable one, not to get out of prison. Often these rebellions are dissolved by the leaders infiltrating among the inmates the jailers in their service. These henchmen speak of justice, freedom, peace, equal rights and everything the inmates want to hear. Invariably they end up betraying them and each one back to his cell. And there, sad, disappointed and frustrated, they seek to consume something that gives them a certain pleasure to forget the sorrows while renewing their hope that one day things will change inside the prison. And this cycle repeats and repeats and repeats …

So what is the alternative? The only one is to escape from the prison. There is no other. It is impossible at this point to modify the rules of the prison, mainly because the inmates do not want to, they settled in and although they are not well, they do not conceive of another alternative. Conscious and united would be another thing but the population has never been more ignorant, apathetic, distant and stupid than now. Therefore, this is a purely individual matter.  In the next post, the plan to escape from prison.