The other side of gender

The darkness bets that human beings identify with the identity programmed in their minds, in culture, in the collective unconscious and in their “karmic” memories (it is not the correct term, but it is understood that they are the experiences of incarnations and the conditioning received in another plane of existence). The human who identifies with his human nature is easily controlled by the entities that rule the prison. The only way to free yourself from it is by becoming aware of our essence and acting accordingly. Hence the interest of the dark in creating strategies to increasingly confuse humanity and distance it from its true essence: the LGTBI+ agendas and feminism, which directly impact Generation “X” and “Y” (the infamous millennials); and gender ideology, whose real impact will be seen in the medium term in Generation “Z” (the famous centennials).

I wonder if it is a coincidence that the “official” names of the last three generations are the last three letters of the alphabet (“X”, “Y” and “Z”). Could it be that humanity as we know it until now has reached this far? Could it be that gender identity, the genetic modifications caused by injections and 5G (among many other things), are the foundations on which the new transhumanity is built?

Apart from this, I would like to reflect on the opportunity that all this represents for conscientious people. As I had mentioned in previous posts, every time a path of perdition opens, a path of redemption opens that runs in parallel (and vice versa). Therefore, the terrifying agenda of gender identity also has something positive for those who want to see it. And it is that beyond ranting about the disastrous consequences at all levels of individual and social existence of this perverse strategy, of analyzing its origin and identifying its beneficiaries; We must take advantage of the door that is opening for us to continue finding ourselves inside and resolving everything that separates us from ourselves.

And it is not about analyzing the aberrant offer of 120 genres offered by the UN. Nor do we begin to discuss whether the arguments of its main promoters and defenders have any rational support. Nor to discuss whether this will favor the evolution of humanity or will be the final straw of its annihilation. We shouldn’t even ask ourselves how much shit a grown man can have in his head to feel like a six-year-old girl or a Dalmatian dog (real cases); nor how rotten a State can be that forces the rest of the world to treat them as such, under penalty of going to jail accused of discrimination.

The system is fed and strengthened every time we put our attention and energy into the mundane. A conscious person recognizes the times they are living in, accepts that this is the reality in the world and nothing can be done to modify it. Whoever falls into the trap of struggle and battle identifies with darkness and perpetuates it in his being and in his reality. So, it is necessary for conscious people to take their attention to the plane where their essence is found: the energetic one.

From that perspective, reflecting on “gender” directs us to masculine and feminine energy: the two forces that balance the universe and manifest in everything that exists. Neither is good or bad, better or worse; they just are. Each with individual characteristics that complement each other, but also with two opposite angles of expression and manifestation: light and dark.

And this is where the crux of the matter lies, since humanity has been manipulated for 5,000 years by those who wanted to impose masculinity and femininity from their dark polarity, denying and erasing all traces of their luminous counterpart from collective memory. The masculine from the light, for example, is strength and wisdom. This is complemented by the sensitivity and magic of the luminous feminine. But from its dark polarity, the masculine manifests itself as the desire for conquest, submission and greed; which complements a dark female counterpart expressed through victimization, manipulation and control.

A person – man or woman – in whose heart there is light with these two well-integrated energies, is capable of recognizing what he feels, naming it and expressing it with love. A split person or with these energies contaminated by darkness, denies what he feels or represses it; and if he expresses it, he does so in a dysfunctional or inauthentic way. A person identified with darkness expresses his masculinity from superiority, coldness and imposition; while his femininity is expressed through tantrums, seduction and blackmail.

All this -explained very briefly by the limitation of space- can be seen reflected in the very characteristics of what they call god, a being of a dark nature that expresses his masculinity from that polarity. And to show the old testament, the basis of the three major monotheistic religions in the world. Anyone who reads without fanaticism will find himself jealous, manipulative, petty, unjust, radical, angry, vindictive, racist, bloodthirsty, misogynist, homophobic, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, megalomaniac, sadomasochistic, capricious, conniving, and murderous. Those are the characteristics of masculinity with which we are programmed, and which, furthermore, force us to accept as characteristic of love and not of the most disgusting darkness.

Same case with feminine energy. The system has sought to eradicate from the face of the Earth any manifestation of love from the feminine. From the genocide of women in the Middle Ages, to the fire at Notre Damme Cathedral in 2019. The creative power of the Sacred Feminine is such that it was censored from all the pages of history. In their place they left us references of darkness and role models such as Cleopatra, Anne Boleyn, Catherine de Medici, Frida Kahlo, Madonna or Mon Laferte. While Mary of Magdala was immortalized as a prostitute, Joan of Arc was used as a political banner and religious figure, Morgana was transformed into an evil sorceress and Fatima (daughter of the prophet Mohamed) had her magic and power erased to categorize her into a secondary role and in the shadow of male figures so representative of some branches of Islam.

No wonder the masses are entranced by the current discourse of equality and all that gender ideology entails. As always, the system makes fun of them, making them believe that they are part of a historical transformation, when in reality they only personify the decomposition of being. Never before has humanity been so far from freedom, so far from the spirit that inhabits it. As long as you continue to search for yourself in your body and mind, you will continue to find doubt, confusion and the emptiness of division, distance and absolute identification with darkness.

It is for conscious people to take advantage of the situation of this time to confront the values ​​with which we were raised. Internally question the masculine and feminine energy that we learned from our parents and the environment in general. Most of us grew up with the wires switched: violent or emasculated male figures. Strong and feisty female figures. Men denying and repressing their feminine energy. Women expressing it in a dysfunctional or overly masculine way. The result has been generations condemned not to know and understand each other, much less to develop and love each other.

You have to do this inner search and humbly accept what you find. Work hard to heal both energies, balance and integrate them. A person is not complete until he does this work, which is neither easy nor fast. This is for the truly brave who are willing to confront from the ground up those pillars on which he built his identity. And in this case it is not enough to knock down a couple of rooms and change the color of the façade. It is essential to tear down the entire building, re-found and build again.

It is useless to have light in the heart if the gasoline is contaminated. The masculine and feminine energies within you are the pathway through which your essence manifests and what directs your actions. They are an impulse towards yourself and a projection of your reality. If they are not balanced, integrated and expressed in congruence with your nature, they end up playing against you. Contaminating these energies and distorting their meaning in the human mind is one of the greatest seeds of darkness that the invaders sowed in us. And the human in the infinite ignorance of it, feeds and strengthens it all the time.

It is time to work hard, not to survive in an environment in which we are no longer welcome, but in everything that favors the reunion with our essence. That is the only way out of here and only those who do the work will achieve it.