The other side of consciousness (part 2 of 2)

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Who lives in conscience suffers. That is a maxim on this plane that few are aware of and it takes a lot of work to accept, since by doing so it is undermining the beliefs and conditioning with which we are programmed on this plane.

In general, a process of inner development begins with the aim of solving problems and eliminating obstacles that prevent having a better life. There is the idea that work should bring progress and well-being, whether in the professional, the family, the economic, the sentimental or in the health area. And inner work is no exception. It is even precisely in this that the highest expectations are placed, because in theory, it is the one that should bring the greatest benefits. Unfortunately this is not the case. Not in today’s world.

Imagine that today’s world is an increasingly dark room. If a firefly appears in that space, it is easily noticed and annoys with its light – no matter how small – those entities that have been working for centuries to completely eradicate the light from this plane. When the firefly works internally, its light increases and illuminates more. At a certain level of vibration, the warning sirens are turned on, which launch an operation tailored to the wounds and deficiencies of the firefly in question, in order to dull its brightness and turn it off as far as possible to take control of its will and can never get rid of them.

There are two ways to turn off a person’s light: the good way or the bad. Both are bad, of course, but with the first they seduce you with what you have always wanted to trap you in the web of the mundane, while with the second they seek to hit the table to show their power and get away from the inner work disappointed and frustrated.

There is no person who has not experienced these two types of attack as soon as he begins to awaken his consciousness. Sometimes one form is presented before the other, but it is already very common that they are presented at the same time.

I will start with the second and most common: blocking, hindering and interfering in your reality so that you begin to lose what you had and stop having significant achievements for yourself. There are those who lose their jobs to not have money to pay for therapy or inner development courses that began to awaken their conscience. It is very common for people around you to begin to disqualify your efforts and try to get away from activities or people that make you shine, grow, be free. Breakdowns, robberies, diseases, deaths of loved ones, betrayals and bouts of “bad luck” begin to be a constant until, prisoner of impotence and frustration, you end up sending everything to hell and staying where you were at the mercy of those who do not want you to become aware of reality and yourself.

However, the most effective way to get away from your consciousness is to seduce yourself with everything you have always dreamed of. No one knows your wounds as well as the one who created them. Even more than yourself. Hence, the dark knows very well what situations to create around you to offer you what you have always needed or wanted. This is how wonderful opportunities that are difficult to reject suddenly begin to present themselves in front of you. All of them at the beginning are perfect, without blemish. And of course anyone thinks they are a consequence of his inner work. The problem is that when someone starts working with his consciousness he is still weak and ignorant. You must walk and stumble many times before you begin to identify the situations that are the result of your work and those that are a trap.

Once you take the bait, everything that seemed to be wonderful – girlfriend, job, son, inheritance, health, etc. – begins to show its true face, its dark nature. And when you start to react you are already trapped in the spider web with a black widow on top that, literally, she is willing to do whatever it takes to not let you go. Little by little you lose your shine, your strength, your size, your confidence … Without realizing it, you drank a poison that was eating you inside. Little by little it was undermining your resources, destroying your self-concept, distorting your conception of reality, putting you in a dynamic of permanent instability and mistrust. And while they do all that they sweeten your ear by telling you what you want to hear, feeding your ego, making you responsible for their dark behavior, generating guilt and manipulating you through blackmail.

It is not impossible to get rid of such a situation, but it is quite complicated and recovery usually takes a long time. Considering that at any moment the opportunity to escape from prison may present itself and that we need to be as strong as possible to achieve it, it would be suicidal to be seduced by the mirages of the material world. This is not the start of the season, we cannot lose games trusting that there is still a long time to recover. We are playing the extension of the grand final. One mistake costs you the game and the championship. By a decision made from unconsciousness you can ruin everything you have achieved so far and sign your life sentence. It is your freedom, the authentic one, that is in danger. How much are you selling it for?