The other side of consciousness (part 1 of 2)

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A crisis triggers the awakening of consciousness and this, in turn, generates another crisis. This is inevitable. The variables “crisis” and “consciousness” always come in the same container. But beyond explaining the symptoms of the crisis of the awakening of consciousness -maybe I will do it later-, I would like to focus on a part that nobody talks about and it is very important to share with the people who are working inside looking to have a life in consciousness.

Almost everyone goes to a doctor when they have a complaint or illness. His motivation is to heal to regain the life he had before he fell ill. Depending on the severity of the problem, it is the treatment that is administered and the responsibility that the patient must have to conclude it successfully. Sometimes it is just disciplining yourself and taking medicine at the hours indicated by the doctor, but in others it is necessary to transform certain habits and even spend long and heavy hours of rehabilitation. The persistence of the patient is essential for the treatment to be successful.

Some take advantage of the disease to transform themselves and come out of it strengthened. Many others return to their old ways once they feel an improvement. Needless to say, the problem will continue to present itself again and again with increasingly negative consequences, both for the patient and for those around him.

The same happens when you work internally. Whether in a therapeutic process or in energetic or transpersonal issues, the consultant has to do his part of it to make things work. However, we live in times when everything is wanted fast, effortless, painless and preferably free. There we find the first great obstacle in any process of awareness. But by far the most important is the expectation created about the results of the process.

What do you expect to gain from an inner development process? Feel better, have a better life? And what does that mean to you? For most people this is synonymous with meeting the demands of the society of our time, that is, fullness and prosperity in material and economic, relational and sexual, professional and social, health and long life issues. There are others who yearn for freedom, autonomy, tranquility and even escape from everything imposed by the system, but do not realize that they end up pursuing the same thing, but by alternative means also controlled by the system. Without realizing it, the former only aspire to decorate the cell in which they live and fill it with comforts. While the latter only manage to move from one cell to another motivated by a conscience that is often limited, many other times artificial.

We must bear in mind that in the greatest desires and pleasures that human experience offers us, there are the greatest dangers. The problem is that for humanity today it is almost impossible to conceive of life without pleasure. And it is precisely there that the level of consciousness becomes proportional to the level of renunciation. But it is not about giving up everything and living in isolation, that is called fear and it is one of the darkest emotions that exist. It’s about finding yourself beyond pleasure, finding meaning in a meaningless life beyond mundane experience clearly designed to trap us in this maximum security prison.

This is more evident than ever, as much of humanity seeks to get vaccinated against the coronavirus to regain its shallow and empty life before the pandemic. Others simply refuse to be vaccinated because they perceive a very high risk in the drug that goes beyond its side effects. Both positions are valid but they are still mental responses, not necessarily conscious. A decision made from the conscience implies a deep analysis of what one seeks to obtain when vaccinated or not, and of everything that is going to be renounced by taking one or the other path. Whoever intends to solve this from the mind decides based on what it’s convenient. Whoever does it from conscience, seeks to do the right thing. And the correct thing is always what favors you to achieve your goal. And it is right there where the heart of the matter is.

In today’s times, when everything is collapsing, there is no more conscious goal than to seize the last chance we have to get out of this prison. And we cannot get out of here by making decisions based on wounds, deficiencies, traumas or the introjected need for pleasure that we call happiness. All this, although loaded with good intentions, ends up anchoring us to this plane. Therefore, a conscientious person does not make a decision without first asking himself two questions: (1) Does this situation bring me closer or further away from my goal of freeing myself from prison? (2) Am I willing to give up what is convenient for me to do the right thing?.

A person who goes to the doctor because he has high cholesterol has two ways: take medicine for life and continue to eat and drink whatever he wants, or change his diet and have a healthy life. The first does not limit pleasure and the consequences of this will be very negative. In the second, you have to give up pleasure (or at least moderate it to a great extent) but the consequences are very positive. An intelligent person chooses the first option, a conscious one will go for the second. But a conscious, intelligent and also brave person focuses not only on modifying their diet but on investigating the origin of their search for pleasure through food, works with perseverance to overcome it and transcends it forever. This means making consciousness a lifestyle. Only the person who achieves it is a conscious person and has a real chance of getting out of here. The rest will remain in eternal self-deception, only changing cells, but in an increasingly cruel captivity.

In the next post we will review what are the main traps that people who are truly willing to get out of here face.