The great escape

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We were talking about the three dimensions that you must keep in mind to understand your nature: the third dimension that corresponds to the physical body, the fourth that is what is commonly called soul and the fifth that is known by the name of spirit. Escaping from the planetary prison implies the reunification of these three energies. First the energy of the third is integrated into that of the fourth dimension once the physical body expires. These two energies that now form one must pass the final test before leaving this plane. Once the escape is consummated, this unified energy is definitively integrated into the being it comes from, and no, it is not a higher being or a creative source, but rather from its own spirit that lives in the fifth dimension. This being is made up of energy and is therefore immortal. He is an ever-evolving being like you or me and the time will come when he returns to the source from which he came, but that is not something we have to deal with now. At this time we have to be focused on the three dimensions mentioned and how to reunify them.

Being aware of the final test that we have to face when we die is essential to make our return home. A mistake in this last phase would have dire consequences. Let’s see what it consists of:

When the physical body dies, the energy within it is released. The way of dying influences the destiny of the energy body that inhabits it, but it is not decisive to avoid or favor the exit from this plane. For example, some have an unexpected or violent death and their energy often stays close to the lifeless physical body trying to understand what is happening. Others have some trouble or a responsibility that prevents them from transcending and they get stuck on this plane of matter. The case of these “souls in pain” is very particular, since they remain stuck in this plane to live their suffering eternally. In that case, the fourth-dimensional body “loses” that part of its energy, which continues to feed its captors with their suffering. The best way to understand the expression “lose some of your energy” is to imagine that you are going on a trip but one of your fingers stays where you currently live. An army that returns home after a war never returns in full, there are always casualties involved. The soldier who leaves is never the same one who returns.

So, if one of my previous incarnations failed to transcend and was left “in pain” could it be an impediment to get out of here? The answer is no. Most likely, some of the humans you incarnated previously were trapped by some circumstance, however they are not the ones who have to get out of here, that is your responsibility exclusively. Those “ancestors” of yours will stay here and almost nothing can be done for them once you die. Therefore, it is essential that you do not torment yourself with what could have happened in the past and focus all your attention on the present and on working hard to reach the highest possible level of consciousness that will allow you to arrive strong and awake at the moment of your death.

The more aware you are, the more likely you are to make the right decisions to get out of here. The first one is not to panic. You are dying like tens, hundreds and even thousands of times before. Somewhere in your unconscious mind this information is stored. Now you do not remember but trust yourself, you have traveled that path on many occasions and you need to be calm to be able to correctly choose the next step you will take.

Much has been said about a tunnel of light that appears before you at the moment of death. Well, under no circumstances should you follow it. At that moment you have to stop and not go anywhere until you are quite sure of what you feel. Yes, feeling will be your best tool to identify if that light is really light or is it just a hoax, a kind of hologram. Have you entered a place where a dense and heavy energy is perceived? Although you can even feel it in the body, it is not with the five senses that you are perceiving the low vibration in the atmosphere of that place, but with your consciousness. Well, in the same way, when you find yourself in front of that tunnel of “light” you will have to stop and feel the energy that that light transmits. They can fool you with what you see, but not with what you feel.

In parallel, a character who has been transcendent in your life will appear before you: an angel, a teacher, your mother, a grandfather, a religious figure or any being that represents something important to you. He will tell you that your moment has arrived and he was waiting for you to accompany him to the place where you belong. Be careful, this is a hoax! It is neither who it claims to be, nor will it get you where you need to be. Stop don’t follow it, feel it. In this plane you will be able to perceive with remarkable ease the nature of each being with whom you come across, but it is vital that you be calm and trusting yourself at all times. Firmly begin to repeat “I am love, I am love” and you will see the true face of the being who is trying to convince you to follow him. Once unmasked you will have to plant yourself firmly in love, without feeling afraid of what you may be seeing in front of you. That entity will try to scare you and your fear strengthens it. Be firm repeating “I am love, I am love” until the being appears who will offer to get you out of here. Do not follow it without first feeling it. If you recognize yourself in him or if you perceive the high vibration of him, follow him, re-integrate and enjoy the journey back home. If not, wait patiently, confidently, and lovingly until he appears. He will, you can be sure of it. But first you have to choose. Your will and free will are sacred, so if you fall for the deception there will be no way to rescue you later. Hence, the greater your consciousness at the time of death, the more awake you will be to take control of the situation, feel, stand firm in love and choose appropriately.

What will happen once you get out of here? You will rejoin your fifth-dimensional Self and you will become part of its energy. I know it does not sound attractive and sexy enough as the “afterlife” that religions and the new age proclaim, but believe me: it will be worth all the effort, persistence and sacrifices you make to keep your light on, to continue to find you. yourself and for not letting you buy into what comes the time to leave the physical body. Think of all the experience you will bring to your original self when you rejoin it. The quantum leap that it will take in its evolutionary process will be amazing and it is not enough for the human mind to understand the immense reward that you will obtain from it. So now you know, whoever works hard inside expands their consciousness. Only those who have a conscious life aspires to a conscious death. And only those who arrive at that moment wide awake are able to pass the last test and choose properly. Nobody, absolutely nobody is going to do it for you. So now you know, the stakes are high for the rest of your life. It is up to you to ponder whether it is worth being distracted by the mundane or risking losing everything in exchange for fleeting pleasures.