The future of the humanity

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A year ago, most of humanity almost went crazy because of the lockdown. The psychological and psychiatric consultations for anxiety and panic attacks were given in clusters. The masses so missed contact with other people and the activities of their “normal” life that they began to lose their sanity. Meanwhile, the official media -main promoters of confinement and irrational fear, as well as of separation and division between humans-, romanticized with the attempts of closeness made by family and friends in different parts of the world, and idealized the later reunions showing “how wonderful the world would be when all this was over.” It would be, according to them, like waking up from a nightmare, like a very special reunion, a rebirth.

A year away I ask myself, what happened? Where is the empathy that was so much touted? Where is the need for the other and all the overflowing love that was presumed? Where is solidarity, compassion, the will to serve? Or, was it all just an illusion and it never really existed?

From my perception, humanity did not come out of confinement. It went out into the street, but was trapped inside the wall that the system built for it to never make real contact with it interior. Now the feeling that the other represents a risk, both for his health and his tranquility and well-being, predominates. People who wear a cloth on their face all the time consider those who do not do it a personal and collective risk, while they believe that people who live in fear are more harmful than any virus. Not to mention the deep division that the authorities have generated by imposing the vaccine as the remedy for all ills. Those people who exercise their right not to do so are seen as responsible for the health, economic, social and even mental problems of the rest of the world’s population. Whoever does not inject is treated as the enemy who threatens the well-being of the rest.

But if we look at it from another perspective, last year humanity had the invaluable opportunity to turn inward that it did not have in the entire 20th century. By removing the vast majority of distractors and locking them in their homes, ghosts began to emerge from within. The wounds, the traumas, the unresolved issues, the memories of pain and suffering, and the most painful: the tremendous emptiness caused by the absence of oneself.

Very few accepted the challenge to face it, heal it and transcend it. Even fewer chose to hear the call of his conscience to see reality once and for all. Those who did, opened a painful and not funny door, yes, but absolutely transcendent and liberating. The rest – the majority – only dissociated themselves from reality and dedicated themselves to feeding the idea that everything would be better when the remedy to kill bugs appeared, both the Chinese and those that live in their mind. So anyone who puts his fragile stability at risk is the enemy. Or more precisely: the world is the enemy, since humanity is projecting its inner demons on everything around it.

Generally speaking, people behave in a more aggressive, less tolerant way. They are totally on the defensive. Selfishness has taken hold of their minds and violence arises at the slightest provocation. The competition is increasingly cruel. It is believed that only being the best can survive in an environment as hostile as the current one, where the weak are eaten by predators. More and more people are putting themselves in the position of “helping others.” This narcissistic need to appear to be a “good person” is rooted in anyone who is unable to accept that it is he who needs help. Assuming yourself that way makes you less, puts you in a weak position in the face of the tremendous competition that the environment demands. For this reason, people seek to place themselves above others by occupying a role of altruist, specialist, magnanimous, specialist in something, influencer or any other position that gives them the feeling of empowerment that anesthetizes the poor concept they have of themselves. That is why we live in an over-informed world, everyone believes that they have something important to say and need to be noticed. Drawing attention became the most practiced sport in the world. Having a public life (false, superficial and pathetic in most cases), completely eradicated contact with oneself, self-knowledge, inner work, the achievement of existential and transcendent goals.

Have you noticed how aggressively people drive their car? Have you noticed the cynicism with which a person gets into the line where other people wait their turn in line? Have you noticed that people are getting more and more artificial and pretentious? Have you noticed how they respect less and less when you say “no”? Have you noticed how there is less and less loyalty and complicity, how they want to impose their way of thinking or interpreting reality on you? Have you noticed how more and more people cling to their beliefs and close themselves to anything that puts their optimism or their hope for a better future at risk? That has always existed, it is true, but never with the cynical intensity and power of these times. Isn’t it supposed that after confinement everything would be pure love between humans?

In short, humanity assumed darkness. It identified so much with it that it made it his own. Humanity is living the reality it chose, but it is not even capable of taking responsibility for it. All that dire future that is seen ahead, is possible thanks to the fact that human beings opened the doors of their hearts to darkness. The humanity allowed it to fill the void in themselves and ended up giving up his essence in exchange for this increasingly rotten worldly life.

There are those who understood that the future in this plane is only for those who want to live it, for those who identify with what the world offers them today, for those who renounce the freedom of being and being in the place where they belong. Whoever reached that level of consciousness and lives accordingly, cannot help but feel pain and even compassion as they see what the world has become and what lies ahead. But he has the certainty that humanity was free to choose and this was what he chose, therefore, nothing remains to be done other than to focus on what each person has to do to free himself from the false “I” that they built us to identify ourselves with what this plane offers us, to renounce everything that roots the mundane and live in love to prevent darkness from turning off the light of the heart.

There is no other choice but to be and to let be. Of course, do not allow abuse and avoid participating in generalized violence. Avoid judging and indoctrinating who chose to stay in this dunghill. It may seem absurd, but every living being has the right to decide and whoever lives in love accepts it, respects it and concentrates on behaving in a manner consistent with its essence.

In short, what is the future of humanity? The one that it chose itself, consciously or not, but that does not save it from living it and taking responsibility for the consequences of it decisions or omissions. Whoever chose from the conscience and sustains it with actions, no longer has a place here because it gave up the worldly need to adapt to a dark environment. Today more than ever you must define yourself and trust that there is little left. There is nothing this world can offer to those who refuse to identify with the dark.