The false exit door

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Until now I have been a harsh critic of the masses and their pathological refusal to see and accept reality. Lives based on the immediate satisfaction of the most primary desires of the human structure, through the consumption of the immense variety of pleasant stimuli that the system offers. The search and satisfaction of these desires is your existential goal. And the accumulation of pleasure derived from the consumption of stimuli that satisfy their desires, they call happiness. The current human being is condemned to consume from the time he is born until he dies. And I’m not just referring to products and services, but to all kinds of superficial experiences that produce a wide range of pleasure: the consumption of substances for recreational or pseudo-spiritual purposes, hyper-stimulating audiovisual content, unrestricted sex, multisensory shopping experiences and entertainment, violence disguised as social activism, and so on.

But despite the fact that the vast majority of humanity sold themselves to the system in exchange for permanent stimulation of their senses, there are still some who resist living in absolute immaturity and are not only exercising their free right to take responsibility for themselves. But they are fighting through thick and thin to do whatever it takes to keep the light burning in their hearts and to get out of this prison as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

I want to emphasize that the opportunity is going to present itself. Absolutely no one knows how or when. And with this I do not mean that it will be a product of chance. Somehow all the beings that live in love on this plane are generating it day by day, with each choice we make. However, no one knows when it will arrive. Meanwhile the dark, more cruel and ruthless than ever, continues to advance forcefully and show muscle to those who perceive reality from consciousness.

It is among them, precisely, that the virus of hopelessness has spread. People who are aware of what is really happening in the world are more vulnerable than the rest, since their vision of the current world shows them a bleak panorama in which the light is becoming more and more extinguished. Although before they did not find their place in an infantilized world like the one described at the beginning, now they feel more excluded and rejected than ever, constantly exposed to danger and ever closer. Evil breathes down their necks, harasses them, and attacks them more often than before. Current circumstances are dire for everyone, but for people who refuse to give up their inner light it is infinitely worse.

The current outlook is bleak and it is one thing to have conscience and quite another to have the internal resources, the necessary tools to stay afloat when the ship sinks. In later posts I will share what in my experience could be useful for these purposes, but now I would like to focus on a topic that hopelessness has made a choice for many: suicide.

Beyond sterile prejudices, suicide is the least strategic option to escape from prison. This for a simple reason: the first principle of love is love of oneself. A person who allows others to harm him or himself does not live in love. A person who consciously plans and executes a plan to kill himself is not acting from love, but from fear. Regardless of his justification or the direness of his circumstances, what lies at the bottom of a decision of this magnitude is pure emotional energy of the lowest vibration. In such a way that at the moment the suicidal act takes place, the fourth-dimensional energy body loses all the light that is in it and irremediably surrenders to darkness.

When a person’s consciousness allows them to see the reality that exists on this plane – especially today – it is inevitable that they will experience deep unease and feel engulfed by hopelessness. Accepting that life on this plane does not make sense, it turns out to be a devastating blow that generates a crisis not only existential, but also psycho-emotional. As I mentioned before, awareness does not mean that you have the resources to handle a crisis of this size. Hence, someone plunged into the deepest despondency, can be carried away by despair and make a decision with dire and irreversible consequences. In other words, whoever considers that taking his own life is the only way out of this shit, what he would actually be achieving is plunging into it forever. It is not my intention to minimize the suffering of anyone, nor to sell false expectations of a better future. Whatever your situation and circumstances, you can live in love. It is obvious that there are environments much more terrible than others, but under any circumstance you can live in love and exercise your first principle: love of yourself. The only way to get out of this prison is by living according to the principles of our essence, of our nature. Any other way is a false door promoted by fear and despair that are the product of suffering and an existential crisis that must be addressed. Whoever thinks about suicide is thinking of an “easy” escape that will save him all the effort required to face her reality from love, in the end he would be allowing himself to be devoured by her. On the other hand, those who think about looking for tools to face the crisis of awareness and the dangers of the current world, are leading from love. Whoever stands firm in his reality, whatever it may be, and stands up to the darkness that tries to devour him, is conducting himself from self-confidence and, therefore, from love. Whoever hopes that all their effort will be more than rewarded once they return home is putting their hope in the right place. That will happen when the time comes and the best way to wait for it is by living from love, that is, living love.