The false doors

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So far I have talked more about the dominant darkness on the planet. The times we live in demand it. The problem is for those who are already aware of it and do not know what to do to stay safe in this decaying world when it is time to get out of prison.

The darkness, aware that these times would come, took charge of overload information to humanity to confuse it and discourage those who seek answers to understand the world, existence and the way to free themselves. Hence, all kinds of versions paraded in which it is very easy to get lost.

The vast majority of them focus on promoting “salvation” through institutions, teachers, dogmas, divine beings, enlightened and all sorts of agents from outside created by the same system. There are those who affirm that liberation is an individual process, but they do not say how it is achieved, or else they base their methods on superficial, obsolete or misdirected aspects that end up causing the opposite effect.

Consider  that the true prison is not perceived with the five senses that limit human experience to material reality. Most people are unaware that other planes exist or have a very distorted idea of them. Today it is common for the masses to be fooled by anyone who comes to tell them about super powerful beings, angels, ascended masters, energy healing, pre-Hispanic rituals with psychoactive plants, mystical and esoteric schools, ancestral meditative practices, contacts with beings from other planes and a long etcetera.

Motivated by the eternal search for “happiness” or by the need for attention and recognition, the masses engage in all kinds of pseudo-spiritual activities where they are energetically linked with all kinds of dark entities that transgress their will and distort their reality by manipulating your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. These people claim that their life has improved since they perform certain practices, but actually they are only receiving material retribution in exchange for giving their energy and will to beings who disguise themselves as good to deceive the unwary without judgment.

This is how many people who felt the genuine call of their conscience end up enslaved, lost in the dark for taking false exits. At that point it is very difficult to break free but not impossible. It seems inevitable to fall into the trap when you begin to become aware. It’s like walking into a minefield from which virtually no one gets out unscathed.

Only those who, despite this, get up and continue searching. Or rather, those who understand that the only way to find the right answers is to search within oneself. Searching outside only shows the path of what to find inside. For example: the person who perceives the manipulation and lies of the politicians, must immediately look inside the way in which people and the system manipulate him, and analyze how he manipulates others. It is essential to get to the bottom, heal the wounds, make decisions and take action to free yourself.

Opening your eyes to external reality hurts, but seeing how that reality is introjected into oneself and one’s close environment is something that not many are willing to accept. They activate all their defense mechanisms and end up sheltered in self-deception and in all the options that the system offers to distract from the realities that really liberate.

There are very few who really overcome this and move forward in their self-knowledge, understood as the only possible form of emancipation. In the following posts I will focus on sharing from my experience the keys to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get out of this prison.