The fake new era (part 2 of 2)

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Humanity is conditioned to eagerly seek that which it calls happiness, which is basically determined by external factors. More or less all people seek the same thing, but the deception of the fake new era is built from deficiencies, traumas, beliefs, conditioning, repressed desires, unfulfilled dreams, inherited roles, and so on. Most of these motivations are unconscious and serve the system as raw material for designing the masks used by the fake new  era. Although at the global way they are the same for everyone (the same old paradigms, but disguised as a new era),  but at the individual way they are a tailored suit. Hence the difficulty in identifying them and the risk they represent for those seeking to free themselves from prison.

I have already mentioned before that the greatest motivation that a person can have to work within is to do better in life. That is, to prosper on a personal, family, social, economic, labor, material, intellectual, emotional, sexual level, and so on. I doubt that someone begins to work on himself without a motivation of this type, either at a conscious or unconscious level, hence it is believed that progress is a consequence of inner development. And yes, but not always.

Let’s start from the idea that every dissident receives a punishment. The system wants us to be submissive, obedient, and quiet. Installed in pain and suffering because it feeds on that, and with the hope that one day things will change. Realizing this turns you into a rebellious sheep that must be returned to the flock.

If you are only opening your eyes but have not changed your behavior, it will be enough to distract yourself a little with some mundane motivation to get back in control. And this is how the person you liked and who was never interested in you begins to call or see you, a close person (usually negative) offers to take you on a trip, you get the scholarship abroad that you have been looking for for a long time, someone shows interest in financing your business project … That is enough to refocus your gaze on the mundane. And the best thing for the system is that you will believe that this is the result of your awareness. That is the new fake era. The system generates these opportunities to make you believe that they are the result of your awakening of consciousness, but they are actually only a hook to take you back to the attachment of what the world offers you. Sometimes the opposite happens: you get fired from your job or your ex-partner begins to threaten you that she will not allow you to see your children if she does not fulfill this or that whim. With that, they generate enough stress that they force you to put all your thoughts, resources, time and energy into solving the problem they created. Then the inner work goes to the bottom of your priority list and the rebel returns to his cell.

But if your awareness leads you to take action to free yourself from what you are not to transform yourself into what you truly are, then the alarms go on and the response of the system is usually very aggressive: obstacles, blockages, interferences and all kinds of attacks both physically and energetically. It is natural that fear, frustration, helplessness and the temptation to abandon the path of transformation arise, since the price that must be paid – especially in these times – is too high. And that is when you are most vulnerable, when the risk of falling into the trap is greatest. They close all the doors and only leave you open or open those that take you right to where the system wants to have you.

In this case, the resources that the system uses most frequently due to its great efficiency are lack of health or money, family, a life partner or an unplanned pregnancy. These are used not only as a form of manipulation, but as punishment. Pain and suffering are guaranteed with significant blockage to health and the flow of money. But the new impostor era is shown in all its heyday through family and romantic-sexual bonds, as they are ideal to show a cute face that can end up leading you to the most cruel punishment cell in the prison. It is very easy to manipulate you so that you only see in a relative, a partner or a son the side of the coin that is convenient for the system. So you can stay by their side for years and unhappy days, allowing them to contaminate and parasitize your environment, your activities and your interior. Some are violent and blatantly dominant. Others are more perverse and tell you what you want to hear while they weave a network that ends up anchoring you to the mundane: habits that harm your body or dirty your energy, an active social life with perhaps attractive but incongruous people, distancing yourself from your support networks and of those that favor your development process or exert a positive influence on you, the contamination of your energy through sexuality or the instability they produce, the slow but forceful invasion of your spaces, the desire for fulfillment through of the life in family or procreation, religious or energetic practices that bind you instead of liberating you, the comfort or security of being with someone who claims to support you unconditionally, feeling guilty for moving away from someone with whom you have a family bond or that you feel that it will go bad if you decide to distance yourself… Anyway, the list is very long and the objective of this is not to describe the behavior of the dark, but to give you a guideline so that you can discover it behind the mask of the new era that they are showing you.

So the new impostor era disguises itself as what you need – consciously or not – and shows itself as you want to see it, but in fact it is forcing you to identify with the character who built the system to control you or with situations that far from freeing you from prison, you are chained to it.

At this point, most get off the boat. Very few are willing to give up what the world has to offer and go as far as they need to go to discover in themselves the new fake era and act accordingly. Above all, because that implies realizing that humans have a price. We become accomplices of the system when we renounce who we are in exchange for something that we suppose is good or convenient for us, but that only feeds our ego, our emotions or our animal instinct. In this scenario, the possibilities of living fully are reduced to one: doing the right thing. And that is conducting yourself in life from your true essence, not from the human who only identifies with the mundane. To do this, it is useful to ask yourself if your current lifestyle brings you closer to or away from your true nature and the goal of getting out of here.  You can find millions of excuses to deceive yourself to move on or to accept some person or situation. Listen to the voice of your conscience and decide based on it. It is not about choosing what you like the most or what suits you best, but the right thing. And that path is usually the most complicated or the one that demands the most. But by taking it, you get benefits that you can’t even imagine. This means, whoever does the right thing ends up favoring himself by conducting himself from conscience and in absolute congruence with what he is and the objective he is addressing. It is from there that things flow. The harassment of the dark will always be present trying to buy you and blocking everything, but as long as you stand in the right place there are always roads and doors that open to you to move forward and reach your goal: to return home. Nothing the world has to offer is comparable and anyone can give it up at any moment of human weakness. Really worth it?