The fake new era (part 1 of 2)

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The New Era entered in December 2020, but during 2021 and 2022 it will be manifesting itself together with the old era -which refuses to leave-, in the most important aspects of the life of any human being: their identity, their emotions, the way you relate and your belief system. However, the old era can no longer be imposed by force, these are already other times. For this reason, she was forced to find a way to hide behind a mask that uses the discourse of the new era, but her motivations and actions remain the same as in the past. In this scenario, every conscious person must concentrate on identifying the false new era, both collectively and individually, in order to avoid falling into the trap of the discourse of change (often coming from within) that leads them to stagnate in the old paradigms and repeating old patterns of behavior.

In this post we will focus on the macro, the outside, and from there we will go to the particular, to our inner world.

Political speeches are full of new era terms, but their actions always end up being the opposite. In campaign they show the mask of the new times, but underneath they wear the usual thief mask. A politician speaking of equal rights, caring for the environment, honesty, justice and support for the most needy is a hypocrite. And not only because his actions are not congruent with his words, but because he is at the service of a rotten system that works under the guidelines of the old era. At no time it is offering to renew the paradigms of politics or economics, and even now many incorporate religion or science into their government platform to be fashionable. This is precisely the new impostor era: attractive discourses of transformation that mask actions to perpetuate the system.

The same happens with the spirituality and entertainment industries, with the stock market and the media, with religious sects and coaching, with philanthropic foundations and social movements that finance, with new technologies and the influencers who dictate the conduct patterns of global society. Pure hollow discourses of transformation that the masses legitimize with their immaturity and unconsciousness, with their insulting innocence and their attachment to a false hope that roots them in prison more and more and more.

A conscious person is not one who identifies this outside, but within himself. The new fake era is trying to deceive you using discourses of change, equality, high vibration, abundance, optimism, hope, freedom, light, love and conscience. But in reality they only tie you to energies, deities, entities, people and beliefs that condition your behavior to prevent you from leaving the slavery of the old era.

The masses, unable to articulate their own criteria, allow themselves to be carried away by the henchmen of the elite who claim to fight against the system when they are generally financed and promoted by it. They say, for example, fighting for the equal rights of a certain minority with the same violence, discrimination and irrationality with which they were violated by the oppressor. Are they transforming something? No, they just perpetuate the old era with a new era discourse. They only polarize, confuse and corrupt society. They judge lapidary those who do not share their irrationality who does not take sides and does not endorse their freedom to their ideology, dogma and all those who end up in “ism”.

The same happens with the gurus of spirituality and consciousness who, consciously or unconsciously, pollute, parasitize and offer the energy of their followers to the densest darkness. They disguise themselves as healers, therapists, researchers, scientists, ministers, pastors, monks, contactees, healers, seers, beings of light, ascended masters and an infinite etcetera. They promise health, well-being, stability, abundance, love, freedom, success, ascension to a higher dimension, eternal life and everything that the humanity of these times fervently desires. However, there is nothing new. The dupes are still imprisoned in this planetary prison from which they will never emerge. Of course, his cell is divinely decorated with all those images that his aunties “good vibes” publish on their social networks.

And we will talk later in detail about what happens on the energetic plane, where an endless number of low vibration entities deceive those who approach without having a serious journey and end up being victims of those who pose as beings of light, teachers, saints, angels and even from that to what they call a “higher self”. These “contactees” feel on the cusp of spirituality when in reality they are victims of the new fake era and its seductive masks.

Living in the old era implies identifying yourself with the mundane, but also with your shortcomings, your traumas, your insecurities, your fears, your unresolved issues and everything that leads you to reproduce in your reality the programming assigned by the system so that you obey it with submission. . The new era focuses you on your nature outside of this plane, that is, with what you really are and where you have to return. The fake new era is a creation of the system and of your own mind to convince you that you are heading towards freedom, but in reality it is a self-sabotage that anchors you to the patterns that have ruled you without you noticing.

While it is true that many people no longer believe in everything the system tells them, it is also true that they are very easily fooled. The attachment to the old era is actually an attachment to prison and human experience, to matter. These times force us to define if we identify with our worldly part or with our true essence, it is on this that depends if we leave or stay on this plane. Therefore, it is essential to confront the new fake era by analyzing with absolute honesty our response to the system’s offers to keep us attached to it. We will talk about this in the next post.