Tear down the wall

In 1979, the British band Pink Floyd released one of the most successful albums in rock history: The Wall. The themes that make it up are the sound portrait of an ordinary guy in 20th century Europe, who ends up isolated from the world based on his experiences. Each painful experience and the programming that he receives from the system are represented by a brick that forms a wall that ends up excluding the protagonist of the story from everything that surrounds him. Serve this allegory to address a fundamental issue for anyone who is seeking to free himself from prison permanently.

I have already said that the objective of these times is to stop identifying ourselves with our human nature: instinct, thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviors; and the conditioning with which they were programmed to stick to life and the system. Instead, it is necessary to reconnect with our essence and live in congruence with who we really are.

It is impossible to define what we call essence through the mind. It is not something that is understood, it is felt. But not with the organs of the physical body and its senses, nor with the emotions. It feels with awareness. It is energy that contains an infinite ocean of information that defines you, both as an individual being in its different dimensional versions, but also as part of a group (not a whole) that vibrates in a certain range of frequencies.

The place of essence in the physical body is the center of the chest. Not the heart itself, the muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. But the energetic heart, the one known as the fourth chakra. Various original cultures identified the seven main energy centers of the human body (better known as chakras). The first three related to the mundane, the last three to the “spiritual”, and in the middle of them, the heart chakra. This is the link that unites what is “below” with what is “above”, but also a vehicle to connect consciousness with human nature and with the essence.

As you already intuit, this point is the key to control the human being, but it is also the key that opens the door to the liberation of this plane.

The shackles that root us to the system are found in the first three chakras, the mundane ones. These are related to the roots -both with the Earth and with the family and the environment-, the satisfaction of primary needs, instinct, sexuality and emotions. Today, this is what governs the world and the human will. Most people’s energy is stagnant at the base, while the upper chakras are closed. This is because the access route to them -the heart- is completely blocked. Just like the protagonist of the Pink Floyd album, the most powerful energy center of our nature, the place where we can find our true identity, remains isolated behind a wall that has more and more bricks.

And it is that the human body that appeared on Earth 5,000 years ago, was designed to adapt to atmospheric conditions and programmed to obey the will of its creators. No one on this plane knows you better than the dark. This enormous advantage has been exploited from the beginning to bring the world to the point where we find ourselves.

One of his most effective tools has been the direct attack on the heart chakra. From small, sometimes from the womb, aggression and violence against humans begins. Sometimes on a physical level, but invariably on an emotional and energetic level. Rejection by one of the parents, overprotection, abandonment, abuse, restrictions, impositions and expectations; genetic inheritance, own illness or that of caregivers, poverty, sociopolitical conditions, religion, the educational system and, of course, the socialization process; they are generating wounds in the heart. Even those who swear they had wonderful childhoods have experienced pain and suffering. No one, absolutely no one is saved. This is how the world works, it is unreal that there is a single human being without psycho-emotional and energetic wounds.

Imagine that before you were born you were told that in this incarnation you have to learn to value your family, that this is your most important mission. But you are born the youngest of three, with an alcoholic and violent father, a victim and manipulative mother, an older brother who rapes you and keeps you subdued, and a sister who has always envied you because you took her place and you are also more pretty than her (true story). Surely, at 10 years you will be a sack of injuries and traumas. So much pain and suffering will generate enough low vibrational energy to block your energetic heart for life. And on top of that, your mind will keep you from getting your heart broken again. This reaction is natural, that’s how it was originally programmed. Therefore, it will create a barrier to protect you from outside attacks. Each painful experience will add a brick to the wall, which will become so big and thick that you will be deeply isolated, particularly from yourself, from your essence, from your authentic Self. Stuck in the first three chakras and complaining about the pain inherent in this plane

The system will offer you hundreds of possibilities to distract yourself, even to “heal yourself”. It will offer you infinite possibilities to be happy, but it will only fill you with a false hope that will never be achieved. The emptiness behind the wall will be greater and greater, the absence of yourself will not be filled with anything that the system offers you. At most it will numb itself for a short time, but it will always come back stronger and stronger to force you to continue searching, searching for you. You will never find yourself that way. You lie behind the wall. Forgotten and extremely weak, you are consuming more and more, while your mind and emotions determine your reality and perpetuate the cycle of suffering that condemns you. Incarnation after incarnation your essence fades and you identify more with your mind and emotions. You adapt more and more to the prevailing darkness and even learn to play the game. Once you start enjoying it, you seal your move to the dark side.

This is the prevailing reality in the world today. That is why I affirm that the darkness won the game and the only thing left for us is to try to rediscover ourselves to get out of here. Once you overcome the resistance of the mind and its attempts to sabotage you, as well as the fierce attacks of the dark to prevent you from moving forward and its attempts to buy you with worldly things that you have always wanted, you are faced with that enormous wall that separate from you, from your essence.

The worst thing is that, although the darkness created each and every one of the situations that each of the bricks that make up the wall represent, it was you who put them there and reinforce them every time you feel afraid of being judged and hurt, fear to transform your reality, fear of paying the price of your contempt. That is, you build the wall yourself. Which is also good news, because the same way you put each of the bricks, you can remove them. That, precisely, is the goal of inner work. Break down that wall composed of low vibration energy and physical, psycho-emotional and genetic memories of pain and suffering.

Don’t be fooled, it doesn’t go away overnight. Prayers, yoga, self-help books, and all the YouTube videos your brain can handle are useless. Conscious, disciplined, constant and very brave work is needed to confront each of the situations that make up that wall, accept them, release the emotions and low-vibration energy associated with those memories, resignify them and transcend them. You would never end up with only those of the current incarnation, nor think about the previous incarnations and the spaces between one life and another.

It is of little use to have become aware of your environment and the perverse system that governs the world, if you do not translate it into serious, committed and permanent inner development work. Anything else is a farce, an illusion, a comfortable and mediocre way of giving up what little is left of yourself and condemning yourself to eternal seclusion.

Receiving guidance is very important, but to get you started—or continuing—right away, consider the following: The top three chakras are at the throat, between the eyebrows, and at the crown of the head. Which means that the isolation can be broken when you become aware of the problem and make it visible. That is, when you talk about it, when you express it through creative or artistic activities, etc. This also serves to release the emotions associated with the events that caused the problem, as well as to resignify and release them.

Learning to perceive through consciousness, not through the mind and body, is essential to be able to perceive your authentic Self that lies on the other side of the wall, but also to “give it back its sight”. Approaching the bricks from the perspective of consciousness transforms the experience of liberation into an evolutionary experience. Although it is necessary to work on the mundane, doing it with the awareness that you are much more than your body and your mind, always provides security, confidence and motivation. Whether or not your extrasensory abilities are developed, your consciousness must be awake and your intuition sharp. Trust what you feel beyond the five senses. That is the best way to perceive yourself and perceive the darkness that surrounds you. Only then can you free yourself from what imprisons you and rediscover yourself.

And finally, “look at the sky”. I have always believed that the crown chakra is like an eye that is looking up, permanently turning to see what we really are, where we came from and where we will return when the time comes. Whatever we do, we have to do it looking up, oriented to the urgent and priority objective that is to get out of here. Whoever thinks about the future and a better life is perceiving reality with the first chakra, the one that is rooted in this plane. The gate of the authentic Self, which is trapped in the wall of the heart chakra, is located in the upper part of the body: the crown of the head. Working from the heart, in the awareness that we are not the mundane and directing our efforts to reintegrate ourselves into our essence, is that we will get out of here.

During the spectacular live performances that Pink Floyd performed on The Wall tour, huge bricks were placed on stage that at some point ended up completely isolating the band from the audience. Until, at a point near the end of the concert, the wall came crashing down and the stage lights shone with such intensity that they blinded everyone. That is the light of the authentic Self that rediscovers itself and frees itself from the spurious identity that imprisons it, from all the pain caused by the darkness and from the control of the entities that kidnapped it on this plane. The light is calling the light on the other side of the wall. What are you waiting to take it down?