Symptoms of the transition

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How do you know that you are in love? You feel it. You don’t need an expert explanation of the symptoms of infatuation to know that Cupid drove an arrow through your heart. Similarly, many women know they are pregnant even before they experience the first symptom. They just feel it. The same thing happens with death. Surely you know of people who felt they were going to die and rushed to get their affairs in order before their time. Take a look and look around you, something has been subtly changing in recent weeks. What is happening to us?

In the previous post I explained that humanity is suffering the effects of the transition that is occurring on the planet. Both those who yearn for freedom and those who choose to stay, are experiencing a series of symptoms that are well worth learning more about in order to become aware of them and better understand the process we are going through.

Symptoms in those who leave

Physical fatigue and loss of energy, as if you had a “low battery”. A growing mental exhaustion with many ideas running through the mind that sometimes cause headaches. You also experience unusual pressure on your head, like when you dive to the bottom of a pool. This is a constant sensation and some days the pressure is higher than others, particularly in those in which a dense layer that looks like pollution can be observed in the sky, however it is a kind of dome made up of low vibration energy. that began to become apparent around the world during 2020This type of gray or earthy brown atmospheres that prevent you from seeing the blue of the sky were typical of pollution in large cities. However, if you have recently traveled by plane you will have noticed that the dome is not only perceived in the city, but also extends throughout the entire route. Even in areas where there are only trees and mountains. Every time the plane takes off and gains altitude, this kind of mesh of dark energy is crossed and the sky turns blue again. Do not be fooled, this is not pollution as they want us to believe to sell us their 2030 agenda. This is another evidence that the times of darkness are already here. Is it by chance that in all films set in apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic contexts the atmosphere is dense and highly “polluted”? Now think about what it means to live inside this shit bubble and the damage it does us physically, psychologically and energetically.

But let’s continue with the symptoms: it is generally difficult to concentrate. You arrive at the end of the day very tired and without energy to carry out activities before going to sleep that before could be done without difficulty. Sometimes pressure or even pain is felt in the hypothalamus, that is, in the back of the neck, right in the area where it meets the skull. Many people feel as if they are floating inside or a feeling of “lightness” that has nothing to do with their complexion or physical condition. It is common to spend the night restless and wake up sore or beaten, as if you had fought during the night. You often feel like a shallow sleep, and many are awake between 2:00 and 4:00 am. Days may go by without dreams being remembered, but those that are remembered are often vivid and very crazy, sometimes meaningless or very stressful.

But what stands out the most is the general fed-up. In Mexico we say “be up to the mother” of everything and everyone. Those feelings of not having a place in the world, of not feeling welcome in the usual environment have increased. There is no activity that motivates enough and the days are spent more out of obligation than pleasure. There is no longer any illusion for almost anything and the desire to “run away” grows. Aggression, violence, selfishness and superficiality are perceived in most of the people we deal with, both those close to us and those who cross paths on the street in everyday situations. The feeling of looking for a calmer place to live, of changing activities and the desire for a vacation to distant places grows. There is a desire to get away from the hubbub, from groups of people and from all activities where the masses put their attention and money. Many are beginning to seriously consider moving away from negative people who make them unstable, and their social circle has shrunk considerably. Some others have already done it and now they are realizing all the negative that at the time they did not perceive or justify in various ways.

Sensitivity and pain for injustice are often on the surface. It is common to experience a greater bond with nature and animals, much more than with other people. It irritates the cynicism with which the system lies and manipulates. It enervates the blindness of the masses and their conformity. Inner recollection is sought and conflicts in general are avoided. There is a certain need to close cycles internally or with other people. there is an increase in the urge to get rid of things that are no longer used and benefit someone with them. The hopelessness that there could be a real change or transformation on a mundane level is evident, but at the same time there is a strange certainty that everything will be fine that comes from the bottom of the heart and is not fully understood.

These are not all the symptoms, but they are the most representative. And no, it is not a collective delusion, a pathology or any other gross justification on the part of the system. This is the beginning of the homecoming process. Your essence is calling you. It is like a magnet that is pulling you where you belong. hence the feeling of being fed up with the world, of wanting to “run away.” Do not be afraid, you are not crazy. And avoid falling into the trap of seeking a worldly explanation for what you are feeling. This not only hinders the process, but could interrupt it temporarily or permanently, since when you connect with the mind, you disconnect from consciousness and fall into the trap of trying to understand from matter something that is being produced in the subtle.

Awarness Vs. Mind and matter

In the previous post I mentioned that the human mind is feeling at risk. He does not understand the process we are in, but instinctively seeks to preserve life. Therefore, it detonates the mechanisms at its disposal to adhere to worldly experience and ward off the danger of the transmigration of the soul.

This explains the reason why a large number of people with the symptoms described above are also experiencing a strong desire for pleasant and mundane experiences, which can range from increased sexual appetite to the desire to get pregnant, by putting a example. Instinct is fighting to survive and uses all its resources to sabotage the process that is taking place at the energy level.

From another point of view, this perfectly illustrates the battle between the old age – the mundane – and the New Age – the “spiritual” -. The new impostor age that we talked about recently, manifests itself in everything that is “spiritual and conscious” only for you to take the bait and end up chained to the mundane.

This is solved in a very simple way: realizing the interference that the mind is generating, turning away from the denial and making decisions from the conscience. However, everything gets complicated when you are close to someone who, consciously or unconsciously, wants to stay in prison (that is, most of the people around you).

These people, sometimes inadvertently and sometimes in conscience, act as “agents at the service of the system.” Its primary objective is to retain the greatest number of bright hearts, seducing them with experiences of the world, seeking to increase the confusion within them and stoking the fire of desire, hope and happiness. For this they use an obscene manipulation of the deficiencies, unsatisfied desires, wounds and traumas of their victims, who, innocently, fall into a trap with dire consequences. The most dangerous are those that involve religion, the use of substances such as drugs (natural or not) and alcohol, and / or sexual intimacy.

It does not matter that the conscious person stays away from religious dogmas and substances. People who have these habits are used by low vibration entities as organic portals. That is as harmful as living next to a toxic waste dump. And not to mention when you have sexual intimacy with these portals. It is to open the door wide to the darkness, both of the physical body and of the energy.

Of course, not all cases are so extreme. We are all surrounded by people who do not see beyond their noses, who see us as strange creatures and who want to put us into their world. We all have a mind that wants to attach us to this plane. We all have wounds, shortcomings, and traumas. Therefore, we are all at risk. In short, the world wants to retain us at any cost and we have the enemy very close, both in the environment and within us. It is essential to become aware of this and act accordingly. The transition process has already started, you can feel it. Are you going to drop out of the race just a few feet from reaching the finish line? What would the child you were or all the humans you incarnate before the current life think of it? And your energy body that struggles to stay on despite your unconsciousness, your insensitivity and your selfishness, what would it say if you condemned it to incarnate eternally in an increasingly dark world because of your immaturity, your pride and foolishness? Reflect. Eternity is at stake and there is no time to continue deceiving yourself. You go or stay?