Becoming aware implies breaking paradigms and transforming reality by transforming behavior. In this section you will find complementary material. It is a series of tools designed to promote your inner work in a practical way.

Meditation to raise vibration

The purpose of this audio is to raise the vibration level; unblock the physical, psycho-emotional and energetic bodies; sensitize perception; listen and feel the inner voice.

Before starting:

You do not need to have experience meditating to perform the exercise. It is enough that you sit comfortably with your back straight, close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply, relax your body and try to keep your attention on the sounds and what you are experiencing internally throughout the exercise: sensations, emotions, perceptions or anything else. Just feel, don’t rationalize. Save that for after exercise.

Listen to the audio before you begin and refrain from doing the meditation if you hear something that you do not like or that does not resonate with you.


1) It is recommended to listen to the audio with headphones and in a quiet place with low light. If the room is very bright, cover your eyes with a scarf.

2) This meditation can be practiced at any time and as many times as desired.

3) Like everything in life, the results come from commitment, perseverance and discipline.

4) Download the audio at the following link: Raising vibration meditation

Letter to erase negative energy from the environment

The system is a permanent generator of low vibration energy that negatively impacts us at different levels, planes and dimensions. Most of the time we are not aware of it, hence the need to eliminate it from us regularly.

You need to do the following:

1) Download the file clicking here and handwrite it.

2) When you finish, read it aloud with all your intention and when you finish, burn it. It is important that you do this exercise regularly. I recommend a couple of times a month.

Contract cancellation letter

The purpose of this letter is to close a cycle with a person who will no longer be in your life. Whether he died, ended the relationship you had or left your life for any other reason. It is important to let her go in peace by cutting the bond that united them, freeing yourself from the low vibration energy that could have been generated between the two of you, in addition to breaking the promises and agreements – conscious or unconscious – that had been made during the relationship.

What to do is the following:

1) Download the letter clicking here and handwrite it.

2) When you finish, read it out loud and when you finish, burn it.

If the person with whom you are closing this cycle was very close or the relationship was transcendent for you, I recommend that you do something deeper:

1) Write the letter in your own hand.

2) Find an object that represents that person. Either something that belonged to him or anything else that represents it for you. It can be anything, but when choosing, keep in mind that you will never see that object again.

3) Go to a place in nature. If it is special for you, the better. If it is not possible, just find a place where you find a tree and soil.

4) Make a hole in the ground, read the letter aloud and when you finish burn it so that the ashes remain inside the hole you dug.

5) Bury the object that represents that person you are saying goodbye to. Let it go. Set yourself free and set it free.

Whatever your situation, do not forget to put all your intention in this act. It will bring you enormous benefits, both psycho-emotionally and energetically.

Keep in mind that there are people and beings who do not let go. You can be sure that they will try to get closer again, either physically or energetically. In that case, it will be necessary for you to perform Cut and Away Meditation every time that presence is approached or perceived in your field. You find the instructions in this section and the file clicking here.

Meditation to cut and keep away

Here the audio of a guided meditation that serves to alienate people and entities that seek to get closer to you, even when it’s your will and free will to keep them out of your life.

Meditation is a complement to the Contract Cancellation Letter. I recommend that you do it before meditation. You find it up here and get it clicking here.

Once the letter is done, let’s move on to meditation:

1) Download the audio clicking here.

2) You need two chairs. Place one in front of the other. Sit in one of them and leave the other empty.

3) It is recommended to listen to the audio with headphones.

4) This meditation can be practiced at any time and as many times as desired. It is recommended that no more than one person or entity be included per meditation, one should be done for each one.

5) For a greater impact, it’s advisable to do meditation for three consecutive days.