Sheltering from adversity

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The world is in chaos and no one can deny it. Unfortunately for many, we still have to live in it. No one knows for how long or under what circumstances, but we all perceive that each day is more hostile than the one before. How to do not collapse? Where to get the strength to move forward?

Buddhism has a concept that is worth recovering to apply it to our westernized and hollow perception of everyday life. I mean “take refuge”.

Those who know of the Buddhist philosophical tradition find their refuge in what they call “the three jewels”: Buddha, dharma and sangha. For them, Buddha is the teacher who shows the way, the dharma represents the correct behavior that every practitioner should observe, and the sangha are the companions on the way.

It is not my intention to speak of Buddhism, but to borrow this concept to adapt it to what concerns us in this space: to free ourselves from the planetary prison.

And the fact is that today’s world is a madhouse that is falling apart and, to a greater or lesser extent, uncertainty affects us all. There is chaos inside and outside. The surrounding environment is increasingly unstable and something within us demands a change, but doubt and confusion takes over our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Old ghosts reappear, the wounds of the heart reappear and the idea of an uncertain and dark future terrifies us, full of limitations, deficiencies, pain and suffering.

For many, the solution is to run to the mountains or to a desert island, away from everything and everyone. More and more people are fleeing the big cities and turning to a simpler lifestyle in rural settings. And it is not that this is a bad decision, on the contrary, but true peace is the product of inner work. No matter how radical the change is, it is doomed to failure when made from fear of the future and seeking a better adaptation to the mundane.

Any action that is carried out in these times must be oriented towards the reunion with our true essence and detachment from human nature. Doing things out of fear, however brave they may seem, is not congruent with love. I insist, I am not saying that making decisions is negative, but that you have to do it (or not) wondering if they favor the objective of getting out of prison or, on the contrary, they root you more in it.

To behave from love, you have to have confidence. And in these increasingly dark times, it is necessary to abstract, “take refuge”, to find it.

In more universal terms, just as Buddhists take refuge in Buddha looking for a compass to guide their steps, ordinary mortals can find it in love. Love is the state of consciousness that governed the life and work of the great avatars that have walked this planet (including Buddha, of course). They came to teach us to live in love through their behavior. Their life was congruent with their speech. That is their greatest teaching and the basis of their personal evolution.

Therefore, taking refuge in love implies living love. Be congruent with our essence and put into practice the universal values ​​of love in our daily lives. When your thoughts are based on love, your emotions and the behaviors derived from them arise from love, therefore, you are love. And when you tune into that frequency, you become one with your essence and with the energy of love that is in the universe. From that moment on, there is no darkness that turns off that light. As if you lit a candle in a dark cave: the darkness that surrounds the flame is unable to extinguish it.

Who lives in love, is love. And there is no greater confidence than that which arises from knowing that the right thing is being done, even if the world does not understand, approve or value it. To live in love, you often have to give up comfort, desire, and convenience. However, the benefit is immediate and manifests itself both on the physical and energetic planes (or spiritual, if you prefer to call it that). Every time you work from love, you strengthen the barrier that protects you from darkness and allows you to build a parallel reality that is directly proportional to your nature. And from there, always keep it in mind, there is no darkness capable of turning off your light.

Now, in a world in darkness there is nothing worse than working from the light. Immediately the alarms are turned on and the machinery to overshadow it starts up and, ultimately, turns it off. Hence our second jewel of refuge must be conscience. Understand this as the necessary maturity to accept that humanity lost the battle against darkness because it chose to accept it in its heart, that now you are the one who plays as a visitor in its stadium, and that the darkness will never leave you alone because it wants you to be his forever. Accepting that evil exists, that it governs the world and this is an irreversible fact, places you in the reality on which you will create your own reality based on love.

Living in consciousness is conducting yourself based on your essence, not from your mind and your worldly needs. In this way you align yourself with who you truly are, not with what the system makes you believe you are. Consciousness is a dish made of hard and constant inner work; with knowledge, both of oneself and of the environment; but also with a good dose of intuition. That it is not “divine inspiration”, but the voice of your heart that manifests itself in various ways. Consciousness implies the analysis of the greatest number of possibilities before making a decision, but also the certainty that the result is always positive when it is chosen from love and guides you out of prison.

Finally, keep in mind that you are not alone on this path. You may not have people around you who interpret life in a similar way to yours, but they exist and, like you, they are fighting against the hordes of darkness that try to enslave them forever.

Although the liberation of this plane comes as a direct consequence of the individual commitment to the inner work, what the collective does or does not do has a direct impact on all the beings that are linked at an energetic level by love. That is, there is a strong bond between all of us -including the planet itself and all the beings of nature that vibrate in love-, which is nourished and strengthened by the actions of each one, but it also weakens when our actions are not congruent. with the light.

The darkness is governed by hierarchies. Divide and discriminate. The strongest subdues the weak. In love it is different. Love gathers, unites, includes. So a number 10 does not subdue the number 3, as in the dark. In love together they are worth 13 and the number 10 teaches what the 3 knows so that both can continue to grow.

Even if you are not fortunate enough to have people around you with whom you can freely and genuinely give and receive love, you can take it for granted that on an energetic level you are part of a conglomerate that is nourished and strengthened by everyone’s love. This is what has kept the darkness from devouring us. Feel that energy and feed it with your actions. Becoming aware that what we do and do not do also impacts others, not only commits us, but also motivates us to do our part and gives us comfort in difficult times. We are all in the same boat and, even though we are far away, it is possible to feel the empathy and complicity that comes from the security of knowing that we are accompanied and the certainty that we will meet again when all this is over.

In short, the global environment is increasingly hostile. But beyond your personal circumstances, you can find a refuge in love, in conscience and in the love collective of which you are a part. In them you will find guidance, meaning and strength to remain firm in love and continue to find your essence beyond the false identity that the darkness created to manipulate and enslave you. Come closer to the shelter!