Mind V. S. Awarness

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The darkness inevitably advances contaminating even the most remote of spaces on the planet and inside human beings. A lower and lower vibration is perceived in the environment, causing a general feeling of discomfort, exhaustion and instability. Whether we are aware or not of the attempts made by the darkness to turn off our light permanently, we are being permanently harassed on a physical, psycho-emotional and energetic level. This has us on the defensive and in a state of alert that encourages us to react to the slightest provocation, which contaminates our environment and our heart by filling it with low vibration energy product of negative emotions such as guilt, sadness, shame, fear or anger. In this way we open the door to darkness and this is how our inner light goes out. How can we avoid it?

To begin, we must consider that emotions are something inherent to the human being, we cannot avoid them, but we must learn to manage them and set limits to prevent them from ruling us. A person who does not handle his emotions is a slave to them, to his impulses and his reactions. But, in addition, emotions are part of the human body and you are not your body. This set of cells and the mind that manages them were created and programmed by those who run the prison. They are the cell inside the jail with which they force us to identify ourselves and we end up calling it “me”. Your true Self is not in your body, nor in your mind and your emotions. That is largely shaped by everything they told you you are and assumed as your identity. So why react from your mind and your emotions? Every time you do, you are building a reality dictated by what you are not in essence, but what the darkness needs you to be in order to rule you and continue to enslave you.

All your fears and insecurities, your complexes and shortcomings, your wounds and traumas are stored in your unconscious mind. Every situation you face touches on one of them and triggers a behavior, almost always negative. For example: if you have an abandonment wound, every time someone rejects you, you will react aggressively, first directing it to the person who rejects you, but then you will end up turning that aggression towards yourself. This will make you feel sad and guilty, and the repetition of these episodes or the severity of some of them, lead you to become depressed, which represents an aggression towards oneself. Whoever attacks himself does not love himself, and whoever does not love himself does not live in love. Once inside that vicious circle caused by the mind, it takes a lot of work to get out of there.

The most serious thing about these destructive spirals is to end up identifying with them and making them part of the identity: “I am depressive”, “I am very intense”, “I do not know how to treat people”, “I am sickly”, ” I’m not enough ”,“ I’m shit and that’s why everyone rejects me ”, and so on. But, you are not that! That is what your mind wants you to believe you are. That is what is in the best interest of the darkness that you think you are to control you and continue to feed off the energy produced by your perpetual pain and suffering.

At this point, the question you should be asking yourself is: “If I am not all of this, then what or who am I in essence?” The answer is simple: you are your consciousness. But to get there it is essential that you stop identifying with your mind and its emotions. You have to start looking for yourself in your heart, not in the biological that beats on the left side of your chest, but in the light that shines in the center of your chest. We have been told that the heart is the seat of emotions and affections, but that is a vile lie. This is found mainly in the right hemisphere of the brain and in other organs of the body. Your consciousness is not your emotions or the thoughts you have about yourself, but an energetic part of your essence that is located in the center of your chest. This “sphere” preserves all the characteristics of your nature, of the Being that you are outside of this plane, that is, of what you really are. It is there, it has always been, but you need to get in touch with it to awaken it, work it, strengthen it and develop it.

For most of humanity she is a perfect stranger because the whole system works to nullify her and keep her anonymous. In this plane and in these times, only those who develop the body and the mind stand out, not the conscience. This is asleep in the center of the chest and it will be better to wake her up immediately if your goal in life is to get out of here and never return.

To achieve this, it is essential to work with discipline, perseverance and commitment. Anyone who offers you a shortcut or the support of intermediaries is deceiving you. In the next post I will share exercises that favor contact with your conscience.

However, starting to feel yourself from consciousness is only the first part of the job. The foundation on which you will build the building. The real challenge is to learn to “think” and “feel” from consciousness, instead of using the mind of the body. In other words, it is about making decisions and actions in congruence with your true nature. Whoever conducts himself from consciousness is consciousness.

To achieve this, it is very important to begin to perceive in a conscious way and not automatically as the mind is used to. For example: if you are stuck in a traffic jam or in the endless line at a bank, you have two paths: get angry or flow. If you let your mind generate thoughts of anger, the only thing you are doing is attacking yourself. You are not going to move any faster and with your anger you are only fertilizing the block with the low vibration energy that you generate. Instead, if you become aware of the situation and allow yourself to flow despite what you are feeling, you are tuning into a path where you can create different possibilities. Your mind will try to generate negative thoughts and emotions, but if you recognize them as something foreign to you and do not hook with them, you will be aligning with your consciousness and flowing from love. By avoiding surrendering to the anger, frustration and helplessness that situations like these generate, you are treating yourself with love and generating a reality proportional to that vibrational frequency. I do not assure you that you will move faster (although it is very likely), but you can assume that you will be at peace (which in these times is already a luxury).

In this way you can begin to live in consciousness and transform your reality, but if you really want to move forward, you must go further. It is estimated that more than 85% of your thoughts are unconscious, that is, you do not realize their existence and the enormous power they have to force you to react contrary to your conscience most of the time. And it is that the beliefs, conditioning, wounds, traumas and other programming that the human mind receives is behind the scenes, at the bottom of the ocean of your unconscious, and from there it has absolute control of your existence. As you discover, work and transcend what is deep in those waters, you will have more possibilities to expand your consciousness. So now you know, conscience is not deserved, it is earned. To work hard!