Mandatory resignations

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In the previous post we talked about the need to renounce everything with which the system tries to anchor us to the material plane. The darkness completely took over the human experience, and while we cannot give up everything while we are inside the physical body and living on Earth, it is essential to let go of what ties us to the human experience in order to transcend it. Logically, it is up to each person to discover and work on their own attachments. However, there are some common denominators that we will talk about next.

The world will never be the same again, you know that. But have you already accepted it? Have you already said goodbye to the possibility of having a “normal” life? Beyond vaccinations, you’ll never have the life you had before all of this again. You won’t be able to do anything without complying with increasingly stifling regulations. They will monitor your every move, your interactions with other people, your income and expenses. The middle class will disappear, private property will also disappear and even the possibility of having its own criteria. Have you already renounced the fantasy of the rule of law or of superior beings (yes, with lowercase letters) that safeguard your integrity, your most basic rights and freedoms?

Not accepting it anchors you to the hope that something will suddenly change and this dark future – ever closer – will not materialize. Living denying reality prevents you from determining your destiny. Hence the importance of renouncing the dream (or childish whim) to aspire to a long, dignified and abundant life. Letting go of this mundane fantasy forces you to turn to see the alternative that the system does not want you to see: get out of here. If the world offers you a life that you don’t want, then you should consider looking for another option. Yes there is, it is your mind that prevents you from seeing it because that is its job, it was programmed for it. By genuinely giving up the past and false hope for a better future, you are telling your mind that you are the boss, not her. This automatically places you in consciousness, and from there it is possible for you to listen to your heart and find the certainty you need to convince yourself that leaving here is the way for those who still have love in their hearts.

For many, this position is petty because it implies resigning oneself, or worse still, submissively submitting to the system, to the enemy. This vision corresponds to the archetype of the warrior and the rather dysfunctional role of the rescuer. These people assume – without anyone asking them – the position of “saviors”, of “martyrs” who sacrifice altruistically to “communicate the truth”, “awaken consciences” and “regain freedom” that the forces of evil took us away. In addition to tremendous incongruity, these beings manifest a pronounced need to be in control. They don’t want to go anywhere. They feel responsible for staying to fight to change everything according to their egomaniacal and other narcissistic ideas.

For these “warlords of conscience” -characters with a New Age discourse, but governed by the paradigms of the previous one-, in the world there are only two types of people: those who are asleep and those who are awake. The sleeping ones, according to them, are a kind of stupid and ignorant sheep, whom the awakened – the enlightened ones – are obliged to wake up in order to make the world a better place for everyone. These so-called conscious beings do not realize that they judge, condemn, discriminate, impose and submit in the same way as the tyranny they claim to combat. In any case, those who do not want to see reality as it is, have the right to live in the world as it is. They are an overwhelming majority. We are the ones who have to go. Living in love is, among other things, unconditional respect for free will. And just as you are free to feel that you do not fit in a world like the current one, they are free not to see or not want to accept that reality is not as they were told. This is their world and we no longer fit in it. Therefore, if you want to live here, you must dance to the rhythm set by the ruling elite. Fighting for change when all is lost is not only stupid, but dark, since what ultimately motivates these martyrs to “fight for freedom” is, mainly, fear, ego and an important need to have the control product of their deficiencies, wounds and traumas of the past.

From this perspective, it seems that actually the two types of people in today’s world are: those who wait to be rescued by something or someone, and those who take responsibility for doing so. Both postures equally immature and dysfunctional, but perfectly complementary to each other. The victims – unable to take responsibility for themselves – endorse their fate to anyone who comes to offer them a change or an improvement. It doesn’t matter if they are politicians, businessmen, scientists, aliens, gods, spirits, gurus, shamans, or influencers (or all of the above). And the rescuers, who are not capable of taking care of themselves, but assume that they can take care of others, take the leadership role with so little empathy, that they end up feeling like gods of Olympus unattainable by ordinary mortals or becoming in tyrants who judge and subdue those they wanted to save.

Based on this, we can deduce the enormous importance of renouncing any of these two positions – the victim and the rescuer – to take charge of oneself and one’s own liberation. If something can be done for others along the way, wonderful. But the first thing to be saved is oneself, without waiting for a third party -from this or other worlds- to come and do the work for us.

And something that we should not leave aside, is the importance of renouncing to the human need to endure, leave a legacy and immortalize oneself. Today’s humanity feels a deep need to perpetuate itself and leave a mark on its passage through the world. As long as you have that fixation, you will be tied to the matrix. In other words, because you are thinking about the great work, you forget about the present moment; and it is right there where reality is built. The size of your legacy project, it is the size of the shackle that imprisons you to this plane. Wishing to perpetuate oneself, conscientiously or not, is equivalent to having attachments. This is not living in love. To love is to let go, to liberate. A person is a slave to his need to remain current, as much as he is a slave to his insecurity, his devaluation and the lack of acceptance and recognition of him. The aware person provides himself with what the majority look for in others, sets the correct goal and does what he has to do to achieve it, without expectations of any kind and without playing the game of the reptilian mind and its  primitive instincts. Ultimately, resignation is a crucial part of the process of liberation from the planetary prison. My intention with this post was to show only the tip of the iceberg. It’s up to you to make your own list and get to work. Observe yourself with humility and draw your own conclusions.