Integrate or disconnect?

Another of the ideas that the new age popularized and in these times has gained central importance among the masses, is that of total integration. They motivate you to integrate body, mind and spirit; but also, to integrate into your Being what Jung called the shadow, that is, the darkness itself. They argue that outside of this plane, “the source” or divinity is unified with everything that exists in the universe (or multiverse). That is, there is no good or evil, everything is part of the same harmonic field, of the same experience. This is not new, monotheistic religions focused their doctrine on the same idea thousands of years ago. But in the end, everything is part of the same farce created to manipulate humanity by denying it the right to know the truth about its origin and its relationship with everything that exists.

The subject is very broad, therefore, in this publication I will focus on objecting to only three arguments of the neo-enlightened who indoctrinate the world with their shelf spirituality:

1. Is there good and evil outside of here?

Of course yes. It is a vile lie, that duality only exists in the human mind and the third dimension (read more here). The goal of a lie of such magnitude is to keep hope alive. That humans think that at the end of the ordeal that living implies (especially in these times), they will have an eternal rest in a heavenly paradise where everything is joy and happiness, where one lives in a state of eternal grace and the mercy of the creator is spread hands full on their beloved offspring.

The dogmas of any religion (including the new age and science), are aimed at forcing the faithful to give up their criteria, their will, their free will and their purest essence, to behave according to the conditions imposed by those They say they are representatives of an entity that empowered them to manage the earthly and spiritual life of humans. Whoever does not comply with these precepts is not only seen as the enemy, but as the person responsible for all the ills that afflict the world. Always with the hope that, when dying, the pain will dissipate completely and all the effort made in life will be rewarded by reintegrating with the creative source of everything that exists. Like the horse that pulls the cart, this is one of the carrots that humanity most fervently pursues.

Light and darkness exist in everything that exists. And just like on Earth, everything that exists chooses what it is at each moment. They sell us the idea that outside of this plane everything is perfect, that your peers from higher dimensions are fully evolved beings because they are integrated into the creative source. This is not like this. Each person means himself in every decision he makes. Everything that exists in the universe is chosen every time you choose. “As above, so below,” says the hermetic principle. No one is saved from this. Therefore, you can be sure that once you die you will not become part of a whole, but that your energy will continue to have an individual identity that is part of a large group with which it shares values, vibration, etc. Just like here, your actions have an impact on your environment. Outside of here it’s the same.

You are light or darkness depending on your actions, the decisions you make at each moment. Acting from love enlightens you, doing it from darkness obscures you. That applies on Earth and outside of it, that’s how the universe works. The story of the integrating source where everything is cute and beautiful is nothing more than a fallacy, one of the most important control and manipulation tools on which the system is based.

I do not deny that such a thing exists, but it is not within our reach at the moment. To get there, a long journey is needed. On Earth we are promised that integration with the aforementioned source is the next step to the third-dimensional experience, but this is as absurd as promising a freshman in kindergarten that at the end of the year he will obtain his professional degree. What concerns us in these times is to reintegrate with our fourth dimensional body, to choose properly to get out of here and reintegrate with our fifth dimensional Self. That is what we must focus all our attention on, we will take care of the rest when we are able to understand it. We don’t want to run when we keep crawling.

2. Integrate body, mind and spirit, is it wrong?

No, but doing it in the sense that the new age proposes can anchor you to this plane. Let’s not forget that the current times have no precedent. Throughout history there have been changes of Era, turning points that marked a before and after; great disasters and cataclysms; radical transformations and periods of rearrangement of the models that determine life on the planet. However, light and dark continued to coexist on this plane.

The perversity of the colonizers always had the complicity of humanity that, little by little, identified itself with the darkness until it made it its own. That was what brought us here, the time when you have to choose the path of light or darkness. It got to the point where they can’t live together in the same space.

Although in the past it was necessary to integrate the body, the mind and the spirit to procure a comprehensive experience on this plane, however, what current times demand of conscious people is their disengagement.

The physical body and the mind belong to this plane. They are only the necessary vehicle to live the human experience, but that is not you. You are not your body, nor are you your mind. That’s what the system makes you believe. It forces you to identify more with an identity based on your physical appearance and the sensations that your body gives you, with your thoughts and your emotions; than with who you really are in essence. Even the spirit seen from religion or cabaret spirituality is nothing more than an extension of the spurious identity created and programmed to tie you to this perpetual cycle of incarnations.

In times when we define if we stay on this plane or return to where we belong, it is essential to learn to differentiate between what belongs to matter and what arises from the essence. It is essential to filter thoughts, emotions, desires and needs, to identify their origin. Whether from psycho-emotional processes produced by the mundane mind (constantly interfered with by external agents of low vibration to manipulate the perception of reality), or if they come from consciousness and reach us through intuition, trust and certainty that arise from an active link with one’s own essence and universal cycles.

If when you describe yourself you mention characteristics of your body, your personality or the activities you do, you are identified with the mundane part of your structure. The one that was designed and programmed with an identity that obeys those who feed on it. It is important to know it and heal it to regain control of your actions and your destiny. A person identified with his conscience has no hope that one day things will change for the better, he does not worry about the future and is consistent with what he is, what he thinks, what he feels, what he wants and what he does.

This anachronistic speech that invites you to integrate body, mind and spirit, is a trap to tie your consciousness to matter and thus take root in this plane. And if what you want is to get out of here, it is not about making enemies with the body and the mind, but rather using them to achieve the goal. The darkness constantly stimulates the repressed or frustrated desires, the wounds, traumas and lacks in your personal history. This activates thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are directly proportional to these stimuli that place the mind in an identity formed on the basis of pain, suffering, lack, fear, mistrust, insecurity, rejection, abuse, violence and all the self-destructive effects that they entail. This is the seed of darkness that they planted within you. Over the years it germinated and took deep roots on which you built a negative image of yourself, a character you call “me” and defend throughout life. This false identity is so powerful that it creates the reality you live in, and desperately seeks to keep you on this plane, plain and simple, because it does not exist in any other time, space, plane, or dimension. It only exists in the human mind.

Therefore, integrating the dark part of your human nature into your consciousness would be counterproductive for you if what you want is to get out of prison once and for all. The challenge in these times is to identify with your light, not with the darkness that they planted in your mind and in your body. Get to know them and treat them with love, but do not become attached to them. Use them as an indicator that tells you that you are ceasing to be yourself and you need to retake yourself from consciousness. To the extent that you remain in your essence, you renounce everything with which the system tries to buy you to retain and enslave you for the rest of eternity.

3. So what to do with negative thoughts and emotions?

They must be recognized and released, not integrated. For this you must monitor what happens inside you. Remember that the darkness is permanently creating situations and exposing you to stimuli to place yourself automatically in your mind and its wounds. The best way to discover that this is happening is by acknowledging negative thoughts and emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, etc.). It is necessary to give a name to what you feel, rationalize it to find its origin and expel it from your interior through conscious action.

Step 1: Recognition

I’m in a bad mood, I have a headache and right now everything and everyone bothers me.

Step 2: Identify Inside

Bad mood is not an emotion, but a state of mind. What emotion do I feel when I am in a bad mood?

Surely the emotion you are feeling is anger.

Step 3: Identify outside

What is causing me this anger? Is it something that is happening now? What generated or detonated it?

It can be anything, do not discriminate any answer. The smell of perfume from the lady who just walked past you, a driver desperately honking his horn, a nightmare, the awkward look of a person in the elevator, the shouting of your stressed boss, or any other event or stimulus.

Step 4: Research

Who did the scent of perfume remind me of? How did that person make me feel? What did I connect with unconsciously remembering that person or some unpleasant experience I had with them?

Perhaps it’s the same perfume that your grandmother used, that woman who was so hard on you and made you feel little, that you were never enough, who scolded you every time you were you and punished you for not obeying her. Identify the feelings and emotions that are associated with those memories and name them. You probably felt vulnerable, you were afraid. You felt insecure and wanted to run away and hide to be safe.

The initial emotion was anger, but that anger was protecting you from the fear you just discovered. That is, suddenly that stimulus that came to you through smell is associated with painful memories that, at an unconscious level, make you feel in danger, insufficient, incompetent, etc. Therefore, the smell you perceived in the street placed you in a reactive and defensive identity (that’s why you were in a bad mood), which was programmed to make you feel inferior and live in fear of being hurt. That person is not you! It is your mind programmed based on psychological (and sometimes physical) wounds to trap you in an identity that has nothing to do with your essence.

Step 5: Release

The simple fact of identifying that something that is not you is taking over your thoughts, emotions and behavior (and that it also has an impact on the physical and energetic), places you in the possibility of choosing between two paths: identifying yourself with that created character through darkness or identify with yourself, with your essence, with your authentic Self.

If you choose the second option, get rid of everything that caused the problem. The bad mood and the headache were just a symptom. The real problem is everything that your grandmother made you feel, that, with a high probability, she has sabotaged you throughout your life in very specific situations.

The release work will be simple or complex depending on each case. Sometimes a writing exercise can help, sometimes guided visualizations or fantasies, sometimes deeper energy work, or all of the above and more. The case is to disassociate yourself from all those conditioning, beliefs and negative behavior patterns. Disassociate the emotions, moods, sensations and their physical effects from the negative memories that generated the problem and trigger it in the present. Carry out some exercise of forgiveness, both to the aggressor and to yourself for having sabotaged you on several occasions. Even something of a ritual nature, where a funeral can be represented to cut off everything mentioned and bury it together with some object that represents the aggressor and that spurious identity that he created in you.

You can get creative or go to a specialist to guide you through the process, but don’t stop working on this because this false identity is the biggest obstacle to achieving your goal of getting out of here. She constantly boycotts you and forces you to identify with her. Don’t fall into the trap of integrating her into you, disassociate yourself from her and be yourself. In any case, join your essence, allow it to manifest in your heart and live from love.