How new is the New Era?

Much has been said about present times, but has the truth been told? The vast majority of humanity blames a virus of very doubtful origin for the debacle. Some others blame the global corporatocracy for creating the conditions for a more tyrannical, authoritarian and controlling regime change than ever. Others rely on astrology and sacred writings to argue that we are at the end of an Era and the beginning of a new one, which necessarily causes the collapse of the old paradigms that sustained human and planetary reality to give way to birth of the new ones.

So far we can find a certain global consensus. The divergence begins to emerge when we ask ourselves what comes next and the direction that humanity will take whenever the process of change of Era takes place.

The almost generalized discourse is that a “new humanity” is being born with a “new consciousness” that will transform life on the planet in an integral way. This “new race”, they say, will respect the planet, govern with justice and honesty, use technology for common benefit, eradicate poverty, privilege freedom and artistic development with a humanistic vision, live from spirituality instead of matter will have high ethical and moral values that will be respected by all humanity that will remain united and loving, in harmony with itself and with the planet.

All this will occur through the divine intervention of a messiah, an alien invasion, the triumph of the opposition party to the regime of each country, with the change of polarity in the galactic energy or with the ascension to the fifth dimension of every being that vibrates in love (whatever this means). The most educated say that ancient cultures very accurately described the new times and largely coincides with what we live today. But almost no one is responsible for doing their part to create the conditions that are needed to modify reality, something that our ancestors also pointed out with great vehemence. Instead, today’s underdeveloped humanity focused on a calendar date that would inevitably come, but “forgot” that the blissful transformation would only occur as a consequence of the conscious inner transformation of a number of people large enough to illuminate the darkness that invaded the planet. Something that clearly did not happen and it is too late for it to happen.

The human being dedicated himself to strengthening the old paradigms by means of which he was forced to explain his reality: politics, religion, science and economics. And from his comfort zone, he limited himself to voting for the opposition party to modify his political reality, he sought to practice a religion, some energetic activity or a philosophical current but he did not develop spiritually; He changed jobs or left it to start a business believing that this would free himself from the economic system, and he prepared himself at an academic level to better understand the universe and aspire to modify it but with the limitations of official science. In other words, humanity never managed to emancipate itself from those four paradigms that today turn against it and keep alive its hope that a positive change will come once the current chaos is overcome.

In the next post we will talk about what are the changes to which the system refers, but I anticipate that under no perspective these changes represent a paradigm shift, but rather the strengthening of the previous ones but adapted to the new times.