Fear of reprogramming

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I have argued for a long time that there is no worse fear for a human than to be oneself and to be rejected. However, I think that in these times the fear of reprogramming is beginning to overcome it. Many people have a keen understanding of the current situation, are sensitive to the decomposition of the world and aware that this is the time to get out of here. However, it is very complex to give up an “I” that is not one and start looking for the real one. Even more so to assume a belief system so little compatible with the prevailing reality in the world, much less renounce the needs, desires and demands of the matter.

To delve into this topic, I reproduce below the response I gave to an email I received from a reader who is asking questions that we all ask ourselves at some point in the awareness process:

Who I am?

What you think you are

What do I think I am?

What they told you that you are during the first 5 or 7 years of life, what those who programmed you told you before you were born, and what they have led you to believe that you are during and after all your previous incarnations.

Who am I really?

You are what is underneath everything you have been told you are. Your authentic self is at the center of the onion. Every time you remove a layer, you get closer to your essence. But be careful, do not look at yourself with the eyes of the body and the mind. They only see what you are in the world, what it requires you to be and everything you need to be in order to meet their expectations.

How do I remove the layers from the onion?

Making inner development your priority over any other activity you do. Your job is important just so that you can have a place to live and what to eat. You are not your job. Your occupation is a consequence of who you are, not the other way around. You are not your family. At best they were the ones who programmed you, at worst, they are your biggest obstacle to overcome. You are not your partner. He or she only perceives you as a tool to satisfy their worldly needs and the demands of their instincts, their mind, and their own programming. You are not your children. They have to learn to be themselves and your work is reduced to guiding them in that sense. You are not the character that you project on your social networks or your political or religious ideology. That is the part of you that seeks survival through acceptance, recognition and belonging to certain groups. You are not your body. That bunch of cells is just the shell of who you really are. It must be accepted and respected, but keep in mind that the more you stimulate it and identify with it, the more you root yourself in this plane; The more you detach yourself from the pleasures it brings you, the closer you get to your true nature.

The inner work is integral. You have to take into account the physical, the psycho-emotional and the energetic. All these variables are tied to each other. Whatever you work on in one of these areas, complement it with the other two. For example: if you discover a trauma in your childhood, focus on transcending it from the psycho-emotional first. Then find out how it manifested in your physical body and work hard to release it. Finally, look for the energetic cause that generated it, it may be in an energetic implant, in a “karmic” contract, in some situation that occurred in a previous incarnation, in the will of some entity that wants to harm you to feed on your pain and suffering, and so on. A trauma, for example, left you many wounds on which you built your identity. To discover who you are, you must first transcend who you are not at all levels.

When does the process end?

Never. In an evolutionary process there are always steps to climb.

How do I know I’m on the right track?

Basically when you feel at peace even though shit is raining down on you all over the place. When the attacks you receive serve as a parameter to measure your progress. When doing the right thing is no longer a sacrifice. When the rejection of the masses makes you smile. When you feel compassion for those who want to change the world and those who hope that one day everything will change. When you let go of other important people out of love, both yourself and them. When you feel so uncomfortable in the world that you give up the idea of adjusting and finding a place in it. When inner development stops being a job and becomes a lifestyle. When you perceive congruence between what you think, what you feel, what you say, what you do and what you are.

The human being was designed not to alter its original programming. Also, the whole system works to keep you away from the temptation to do so. Hence a natural resistance to the change that the mind produces to sabotage each reprogramming attempt arises. This never stops, it is part of the functioning of the human machinery. What those who intend to free themselves from that false “self” aspire to is to become aware that their mind seeks to disqualify any attempt at change through denial, self-sabotage and a whole arsenal of pretexts and justifications created by it to discourage them. The survival instinct of the reptilian brain – the least evolved in the human body – sets off alarms so that changes that can put the continuity of life at risk are not carried out. And this is how the most primitive part of human nature ends up defeating conscience. In other words, you empower the mundane to take root in its habitat. Winning these battles is part of the awareness process and a very useful weapon for the rest of the way. The mind will never stop trying to tie you to the world and make you believe that its needs and desires are yours, that what makes it feel safe also makes you feel safe. Give yourself the opportunity to experience outside of the body, out of the mind, out of the world. And I’m not talking about transpersonal experiences necessarily, but about behaving according to your nature and not the vehicle that contains it. Don’t ask how, just do it.