Escape from prison

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The world is an increasingly dark and dense prison. At this point, nothing and no one can prevent the light from turning off permanently. Among the inmates there have always been those who did not adapt to the rules of the prison. Those people who have light in their hearts and are guided by values different from those that prevail in this prison. However, the jailers keep them isolated and surrounded by thugs. The infiltrators are in his family, in his work, in his school, in his community, everywhere. Today a large number of people identify with the dark lifestyle imposed by the prison leadership. In other words, this is a twilight world and 2020 was the key to eradicating the light once and for all. Let’s stop jerking off  believing the opposite and better take action on the matter.

Earlier I mentioned that all those human beings who want to “fight for change” are only perpetuating the darkness. The system did its job so well that those in favor of change see as enemies those who affirm that today that no longer solves anything. They attack us, insult us, violate us and try to impose their opinion by force. Is that a change? No, it’s just more darkness disguised as “good intentions.” The same is true of all social movements today. Polarization, division, rancor, separation, violence and negative energy are a constant no matter which side you identify with. Are these so-called revolutionaries and libertarians making a difference? No, they only fertilize the darkness to thicken and strengthen. Hence, fighting for a change in prison will not free anyone, but quite the opposite. At best, the rebels will only be able to change cells and the only way to achieve freedom is by escaping from the detention center.

For this, it is essential to bear in mind that no one escapes from a jail fighting with the other inmates or with the jailers. No one. And secondly, let us remember that we are in a double prison: the world and the body. But material reality is not the only thing that exists in the universe. Then the way out of here is the spirit, the energy. We must get rid of matter and everything that binds us to it. And it is here, precisely, where the vast majority of lazy humanity becomes uncomfortable and ends up renouncing true freedom.

By getting rid of matter and what gets attached to it, I mean living from the spirit. It is not about giving everything away and going to live on top of a mountain to meditate until you die of hunger. That is the least spiritual thing you can do. Nor is it about joining the fashion of fancy, cool, chic spirituality, which is presumed on social media, which does not tire and is paid in installments. Less becoming a conspiratorial with delusions of conscience, an overly informed ego, and a shitty life completely inconsistent with what he preaches. And much less dedicate yourself to “helping others” (mainly joining causes that are in fashion). Today there are, for example, many women who claim to “help other women” but are not able to brake away from that partner who makes them absolutely unhappy. Or those who protect animals but mistreat people. Let us understand that the words “love”, “happiness”, “hope” and “help” are irrational obsessions and an immense justification for postmodern humanity to play an asshole alone and continue in seclusion.

Whoever wants to get out of here should definitely start giving up the idea of being happy right now. These are times to save yourself not to be happy. And whoever wants to get out of here has to be willing to give up comfort, a better future on this plane and save the world. This is an absolutely personal company, whoever undertakes it must be willing to work hard, to go against the tide, to loneliness, to receive judgment and rejection, to make decisions that will be disapproved and disqualified by their environment, to face all the shit that He carries within him and has refused all his life, to resolve pending issues, to heal wounds and traumas by facing them with courage, to break ties with harmful people, to harassment from those who do not want to let him take his own path, to avoid all kinds of temptations to lure you back to matter, to stumble hard on your own fears but get up and go on over and over again, to break all negative contracts, to break free from limiting programming received in the past, to renounce loyalties with negative beings and behaviors, to face the past over and over again to overcome it, to live in congruence, to assume its true nature, and a huge etcetera.

The fragile and lazy humanity of these times is not willing to do any of this and that is why they went to hell. Freedom is only for those that the masses call “crazy”, for the outcasts. Whoever finds himself at an inner level, manages to identify with his true essence, lives a conscious and congruent life, trusts himself, does not sell himself and moves on even when he can no longer do it and everything seems lost, will be on the road to freedom. . The rest will remain secluded in this bottomless pit, suffering eternally. That was what they chose and call it “happiness.” There is only hope for those who accept that nothing will change for the better and strive to build their freedom. Nobody is going to give them away, nobody is going to come to do the dirty work that corresponds to each one. Time is up. Either you save yourself by doing what you have to do or you get lost forever in the thickest darkness this planet has ever known. It is in you, in no one else.