Don’´t be happy, there is little time left

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“In 2030 you will have nothing and you will be happy.” This was the leading phrase at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland in early 2021. The worrying thing is that it is not new, it was only ratified. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had already issued this warning in 2016. And just look around you to realize that the world is advancing by giant steps to that reality imposed by the elite that rule the prison. And shame on anyone who does not feel happy in this new reality and also dares to express it! He will be accused of “hatred”, he will be harshly judged and punished by the inquisitors who defend the politically correct in this decadent and dystopian society.

And we don’t have to wait until 2030 to see the dire effects of the contemporary inquisition. It is enough for one person to speak out against the tendentious public policies that favor any minority for the angry masses to accuse them of being macho, racist, intolerant and all kinds of adjectives that have become popular thanks to the successful process of social engineering financed by the elite in power. Anyone who uses reason and has their own criteria will be burned at the stake of social networks, and worse still, in a growing number of countries can be prosecuted for “attempting against public peace” (whatever this means ).

In this way an Orwellian dictatorship of thought is being established, mainly in the youngest, but also in all those adults who refuse to stop belonging to a world designed for young people. The maturity product of age and experience that was reached in the past, today is less common. Adults aspire to be young forever in a world where growing up is the least cool thing you can do. A society that does not question itself, and if it tries, immediately represses it due to the irrational fear of rejection by which it is controlled and enslaved. A unique thought, without reflection or criteria. A humanity that clings to the reality created by an oppressive state that extirpates everything that threatens the “welfare of all.” A world where being happy is synonymous with being obedient, meek, docile and extremely fragile. Where freedom, autonomy, beauty, solidarity, love and respect for universal values do not fit. A world where genuine conscience is seen as the worst threat and must be disqualified and contaminated to eradicate it at any cost. The tyranny of darkness in all its splendor, but disguised as altruism, freedom and security for all.

Currently, there is a campaign for the global population to accept – convinced or not, for good or not – to be inoculated with a substance that gives them a sense of security and freedom. Anyone who questions the globally accepted discourse is accused of risking the access to the happiness of their community. And this will continue to grow to the point that hateful accusations and lawsuits will rain on people who question the measures of the authority “in favor” of climate change, of “a fairer economy”, of the development of transhumanism and all aberrations. that will continue to become public policies endorsed by science and academia, and widely disseminated by the media, social networks and all the content produced by the elite to lay the foundations of a new humanity that will be in charge of inaugurating the new era of darkness.

In other words, it’s about forcing people to accept the new terms of the matrix contract. Whoever does not accept will pay the price. He will be an outcast, he will not have rights or access to the most basic for his subsistence. Rejected by society, persecuted by authority. Without a place in the dystopian world that nothing and nobody will be able to prevent it from happening.

This panorama where we have the guillotine blade closer and closer to the neck, is leading many people to give up their light and accept the deal that the system is offering them. In other words, the darkness is being seen and felt more and more cynically, they are closing all the roads to us except the one they want us to take. Every day the alternatives are reduced and all the time they are touching our wounds. The darkness is manifesting itself with more and more force, it breathes down our necks and lets us see how vulnerable we are in a world that seems to devour us.

The weakest were the first to fall into the trap. But every day there are more who end up giving in motivated by fear, the dark’s favorite tool to control humanity. And it is precisely now, with everything against it, when it is necessary to stand firm in love and trust that what we are and what we do is what will get us out of here before the guillotine slices through our necks.

The step we are taking is the largest we have taken since our first incarnation. It is the most momentous in your stay on this planet. You are the last relay of thousands of humans that you incarnated before. You’ve made it this far, are you going to throw everyone’s work overboard? It is very easy to feel strong and trust that everything will turn out well when you play the final in your field and against a weak opponent. But this is the biggest test you have ever faced -and there will probably never be another one as adverse as this-, where you reached the final of your favorite sport that is played in the opponent’s stadium and with everything against it: the public, the rules, the weather, the referees, the bets … Nobody believes in you, sometimes not even yourself. It is time to remember what you are made of, to stand firm and not give up, neither your nature nor the only possibility to get out of here and be free forever. Every day, every moment, every choice counts. Do not let yourself be intimidated by the rival. Trust yourself, let your magic out and show yourself that you are ready to take this evolutionary leap.

The darkness – no matter how dense and strong it may be – becomes tiny before a heart that shines full of trust and love. And although it may not seem like it, we are a team. We are scattered around, but linked through love. Together we form a bonfire whose light loses intensity every time one of ours goes out, but which also benefits every time one of us finds himself and his essence again, every time we reject the attempts of darkness to convince us that the only one The way is fear and the mundane, each one remembers that the light is infinitely stronger than any darkness and decides to stand up to it firmly.

Nobody imagined that we would get here, but we are already here. They are the favorites, therefore, the ones with the pressure. And they show that in the desperation with which they are harassing us socially, politically, economically, physically, psychologically, energetically and everywhere. They are the ones who have everything to lose! Therefore, it is better to do what everyone has to do from love and with the certainty that we will reach the goal. And if we have to fall, let it be by being what we are and not by giving it up out of fear. That is the greatest show of love that we can have for ourselves and for the collective of love that we have formed.    There is little left, do not get lost thinking about a future that you will not live. Do not let the next world distress you because you anchor yourself to it. Better focus on what you have to do today to reach the goal that is closest ever. Let go of all attachment to this plane, live from love and trust that all your effort will have an infinite reward when everything is over. It depends on you, only on you.