Does polarity exist or not?

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A lot is said that the great problem of humanity is that it has not been able to get out of the trap of polarity. Mainly in new age circles it is affirmed that good and evil only exist in the human mind. That outside of it, everything is unified in the same energy where light and darkness are the same thing. But this perspective is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

They have told us that outside of here everything is love and that, if there is evil on the planet, it is because love is seeking to test new realities. Therefore, the evil in the bottom is good. Because for them, all that exists is love. So you have to be tolerant, empathetic and patient with someone who is looking for new experiences. This means that the bad guy should not be seen as bad, but as fearless, brave. And far from qualifying his behavior, we must love him so that he remembers that it comes from love and can “ascend to the fifth dimension in the company of Pachamama and all of us.”

Needless to say, all this is absurd, as much as the tale of doves that impregnate virgin women, or that Nibiru exists and, moreover, it is a ship disguised as a planet that is full of aliens who come to liberate Earth.

To begin with, there is a source of love from which all the love that exists comes, but there is also a source of darkness that created all the darkness that exists. And like everything that exists, love can stop being love and choose darkness if it wishes, and vice versa. All you have to do is act in a dark way: control, subdue, manipulate, deceive, corrupt, abuse, violate, compete, fear, envy, and so on. That is the true free will that exists on a universal level: each being can choose how to behave, and, based on that, choose what it is. But for this, you need to be aware that there are two paths. And precisely, manipulation begins with the imposition of the belief that everything in essence is good, therefore, evil is relative.

Relativizing everything is not new. This is something that the elite began to promote in the late 17th century, and by the mid-18th, with the rise of the Enlightenment, it was instituted as a policy in Western countries. Hence, reality began to be interpreted, and in many cases to be justified, according to a series of variables that depend on the observer, not on the facts themselves.

And so whoever shoots in cold blood in a crowd is no longer considered a murderer who must serve his sentence in a jail, to become a mental patient who must be rehabilitated in a psychiatric hospital. Or in these times in which even the gender of people has been relativized, whoever does not feel comfortable with the gender with which they were born, can choose from the more than 120 that the UN was invented. And, in addition, the State must have a legal framework that supports its decision, which in some countries can be taken completely legally from 12 years of age. And shame on thtat who question it! He can go to jail accused of committing a hate crime (whatever that means within such a subjective legal and moral framework).

This process of social engineering banished the real evil from the collective imagination, but was in charge of making the masses believe that the bad guy is the one who questions himself, questions what is politically correct and goes against the established.

People who were programmed to believe that everything is good are incapable of perceiving evil (or relativizing it), and, therefore, refraining from linking with it, replicating it in their own lives and fighting it when it is necessary to defend themselves against it increasingly frequent attacks, both physically and psycho-emotionally, as well as energetically.

On the other hand, there are others who stand at the other extreme and blame the darkness for all the ills that afflict themselves and the entire world. These characters tend to assume the role of perpetual victims, and at some point in their distorted perception of reality, they become vigilantes who seek to “save humanity from the clutches of the forces of evil.”

By filtering everything from negativity, they build a reality where everything is dark and negative, producing paranoid behavior that, in some cases, reaches clinical levels. In the minds of these people there is no possibility that there are actions motivated by genuine love, as well as gestures of kindness or solidarity that are not conditioned or are not part of a framework of manipulation and control.

So screwed up is not perceiving evil, as seeing it in everything that exists. Denying good or evil is denying a part of reality, both individual and universal. And before this, the new age and its gurus recommend “integrating” both parts, but it has never been clear to me what they mean by this, since integrating two energies of different nature, characteristics and vibrations is simply not possible. It is like wanting to integrate water and oil in the same container. They may occupy the same space, but they are not fully integrated with each other.

Seeking to integrate light and darkness within a person is equivalent to using their physical, psycho-emotional and energetic bodies as a perpetual battlefield. And I wonder, does that battle favor homeostasis, development or evolution? Of course not, quite the opposite. That permanent fight only benefits the dark. Divide, confuse, anchor and enslave.

In my opinion, the answer lies in the philosophy of the East: the nuance. That is, far from wanting to integrate disparate energies, you have to balance them. Search between black and white, the right shade of gray for each situation. And for this, it is essential to be aware that there are always two paths, that of light and that of darkness. The one you choose most often is the one that defines you.

Life is full of choices. All the time we are choosing between these two forces. Whoever lives from the worldly mind, makes decisions automatically, or influenced by the idea that everything is good or bad. But whoever lives from conscience, takes on a role similar to that of the judge in a courtroom: he first listens to the accusing party and the defense party; and then he formulates his verdict based on current laws, not his judgment. In other words, good and evil as universal energies are not subject to interpretation. Light is light and darkness is darkness. And like the judge, you always have to listen to both of them. Thus, whoever tries to decide from the light, must choose what is correct. That is the law your decisions are based on, not what you prefer or what suits you. These are the ways of darkness, which works hard to lead you towards them. Choosing the right thing, although most of the time it is not what suits you best, inevitably represents the path of love. The rest are mental heckles and tricks of the dark that disguises itself to seduce your mind and prevent you from deciding from conscience. And humans, weak and ignorant as we are, fall into the trap again and again, and step by step, decision after decision, we build the reality that suits evil to keep us under its control.

But no matter how badly influenced we are, no matter how much darkness rules the world, they are not yet able to remove from us the ability to choose between these two polarities. Everything goes there. Injections first, then transhumanism. From then on, human beings will never have their own will again, but we still have something and we must enforce it. That is the key that will open the door through which we will return home. Making conscious choices and from love does not depend on anyone other than each one of us. The dark can try to confuse you, convince you, buy you, scare you and even threaten you to choose the path where you are theirs, but they can never prevent you from connecting with your conscience, evaluating the possibilities and choosing to do the right thing from love and trusting that that path always, invariably, it brings you back to your most authentic Self, strengthens you and places you in a luminous reality, regardless of whether everything around you is in crisis.

So now you know, you have the key. Getting out of here is up to you, only you.