Consciousness or ego?

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The previous time I said that one thing is to awaken the conscience, while another very different is to have the inner tools to face the crisis that is unleashed in every awakening process. In other words, it is one thing to realize reality, but another is to know how to manage and transform it. It is one thing to accept that the current world is shit that no longer offers you anything and another is to have realistic, conscious alternatives; a well-defined existential goal congruent with your state of consciousness; as well as a strategy to achieve it and a deep analysis of the obstacles and risks involved in being light in a world that is darkening in a forceful and irremediable way.

I know this sounds more like a business plan than all the garbage wrapped in spirituality spread globally by the gurus that make up the mainstream of consciousness, but whoever aspires not to be devoured by darkness must have a clear objective and the necessary strategy to achieve it. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing yourself, on the one hand, in the temptation to change the world or to work internally with the intention of improving your situation in it; and on the other, in a pseudo-spiritual world that offers, in the best of cases, experiences, not solutions.

As a first step, it is essential to know where you are and where you are going. Although it seems too obvious, this is where most make mistakes and end up getting lost. In other times, this disorientation was part of the process. It was necessary to lose oneself to find oneself. However, today there is no time for straying. So let’s get down to business:

The starting point is a world in chaos that is entering a stage of darkness from which it can never be left. The times that run are times of definition: you are trapped for life in the planetary prison or you leave it once and for all.

The first problem is that many people who have become aware do not consider leaving here as an option. That is, they believe that their awakening is the key to transforming the world into a fair place that is governed by the highest spiritual standards, or that becoming aware will help them achieve the worldly goals they have always longed for: money, sex, recognition, company, power, health, or anything else that represents well-being on this material plane. This is not consciousness, but ego, fear, lack, ignorance, immaturity and a high attachment to the mundane.

Although consciousness and abundance are two closely related terms, I will talk about this later, this is not what the great masses pursue when entering the places of consciousness. The vast majority only manage to build a “spiritual” character that is based on empty speech and stereotyped behavior. For them, “conscience” implies putting on a disguise of “good people” that will allow them to achieve everything that the contemporary world demands of them in material, social, family, professional and, of course, “spiritual” terms.

People who have truly become aware are not looking for anything that will root them more in a world that no longer has anything to offer them, a world in which they no longer feel welcome. For them, the starting point is clear: while you are in the world you have to find a place to live, food and the peace of mind of having the necessary expenses covered to be able to focus on your inner work. This must have the highest priority, since it is the key that will open the door that will allow the return home.

From this perspective, conscience implies giving up the struggle to achieve material goals, success in work or professional projects, family and social demands, political and economic expectations, and every act of pleasure demanded by the system and the hyper-connected global society. A person who truly became aware of the current situation has accepted that the way back home is lonely and deeply uncomfortable. He assumes that he has to dedicate time to activities that make his heart shine, but without an expectation beyond keeping it on to get out of here.

Thus, the path of consciousness is a path of renouncing the needs of the ego to focus on the needs of the Self. In other words, the ego – that part of you that is not necessarily you – naturally attaches itself. to the mundane, that’s where it belongs. The darkness does not want to let you go and is making available to you everything that the system offers to root you on this plane. While your heart is receiving the call of your essence and is seeking to return to it. Recognizing this struggle within is essential because that is the starting point.

If you like the world and want to stay in it, let yourself go without guilt and enjoy it while you can. But if you feel the call of the light in your heart, you will have to find a nuance that allows you to solve your human needs to focus on breaking the chains that bind you to this plane. This is one of them, perhaps one of the strongest: the attachment to the mundane, to the hope that everything will change, that the best is yet to come. That just isn’t going to happen. And less for those who are trying to keep their inner light on in a world in darkness. Thus, the first thing you should focus on is making the decisions that allow you to uproot yourself from the material plane. It is not about giving everything away and going to live on a desert island. It’s about making conscious decisions on a daily basis. That most of those choices you make are aimed at keeping your heart full of light to get you out of here when the time comes. Each of them represents a step that takes you home, or that anchors you to this plane. This is where consciousness plays its main role: guiding your choices. Before deciding anything, ask yourself where you are choosing from and for what. That is the easiest and most practical way to prevent the ego from getting in the way. Be honest with yourself and trust yourself. Every step you take from there brings you closer to who you are and where you belong.