Children playing change

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Hoping that things will be better on this plane is not only absolutely limiting, but one more evidence of the infantilization of humanity. It is undeniable that throughout history great revolutions have occurred that brought very important changes, but neither can we deny that humanity’s problems remain the same as ever: abusive rulers, inequality, misery, hunger, ignorance, division, submission, abuse, violence and endless etcetera. So then, did these revolutions solve humanity’s most fundamental problems? No.

Of course, there were people, communities and civilizations that lived with very high values and were guided by universal principles that we could even qualify as “ideals”, but they all ended up infiltrated, contaminated, eliminated and forgotten. What we know about them today is completely misrepresented and is used by the system as a tool for mass manipulation.

Today, virtually no mass movement is genuine. All are created, financed and disseminated by the spheres of power. The sheep masses believe they are making the revolution and winning minority rights, but nothing is further from the truth. They are just mindless puppets at the service of the power they claim to fight. I do not doubt that there are genuine resistance, but they are clearly neutralized and isolated from the area of influence.

The first major obstacle to transformation is humanity itself today, the almost 8 billion people with the most childlike mentality in history. Young children don’t make revolutions, just tantrums. Young children do not want a fairer life, but a more fun one. Young children do not want to transform the system by starting to expel it from within, they just want to attract attention. Young children do not want to heal their wounds and reinvent themselves, they just want to be fashionable and impose themselves on others. Young children don’t compromise, they entertain themselves. Young children don’t even have a defined identity, how do we think they will be able to transform the world when they cannot wipe their butt on their own or without showing it off on social media? The only ones who believe that children can change the world are other children.

The great transformation that is taking place was planned for millennia. And in order to carry it out, they needed the complicity of humanity. Nobody more docile and easily manipulated than children. The infantilization of society is one of the greatest achievements of power. And it is precisely those tantrum children who lead the causes that shape the “new world” but to their own detriment. Never before has the darkness spread with such freedom and strength. In the past it found many luminous counterweights that no longer exist today. And the few who resist getting lost in this ocean of darkness have to fight bloody battles on the physical, psycho-emotional and energetic planes on a daily basis. Those few lights that are kept on are haunted morning, noon and night by darkness in all its forms and manifestations. They swim against the current and their first great battle is the rejection and contempt of other humans who do not see beyond the material plane, or of those whose nature is evil and want to destroy them at all costs.

The world of today and tomorrow is for the eternal infants who will change their Era but will be more slaves than ever. But those rare humans who refuse to be eaten by darkness need to refocus their hope on a conscious goal that motivates them to move on when they have everything against them. About that the next post.