The other side of gender

The darkness bets that human beings identify with the identity programmed in their minds, in culture, in the collective unconscious and in their “karmic” memories (it is not the correct term, but it is understood that they are the experiences of incarnations and the conditioning received in another plane of existence). The human who identifies with his human nature is easily controlled by the entities that rule the prison. The only way to free yourself from it is by becoming aware of our essence and acting accordingly. Hence the interest of the dark in creating strategies to increasingly confuse humanity and distance it from its true essence: the LGTBI+ agendas and feminism, which directly impact Generation “X” and “Y” (the infamous millennials); and gender ideology, whose real impact will be seen in the medium term in Generation “Z” (the famous centennials).

Tear down the wall

In 1979, the British band Pink Floyd released one of the most successful albums in rock history: The Wall. The themes that make it up are the sound portrait of an ordinary guy in 20th century Europe, who ends up isolated from the world based on his experiences. Each painful experience and the programming that he receives from the system are represented by a brick that forms a wall that ends up excluding the protagonist of the story from everything that surrounds him. Serve this allegory to address a fundamental issue for anyone who is seeking to free himself from prison permanently.

Integrate or disconnect?

Another of the ideas that the new age popularized and in these times has gained central importance among the masses, is that of total integration. They motivate you to integrate body, mind and spirit; but also, to integrate into your Being what Jung called the shadow, that is, the darkness itself. They argue that outside of this plane, “the source” or divinity is unified with everything that exists in the universe (or multiverse). That is, there is no good or evil, everything is part of the same harmonic field, of the same experience. This is not new, monotheistic religions focused their doctrine on the same idea thousands of years ago. But in the end, everything is part of the same farce created to manipulate humanity by denying it the right to know the truth about its origin and its relationship with everything that exists.

Annhilate the impostor

“That’s not for you.” “You are not good enough.” “You’re going to starve if you do that.” “Stop being silly, start taking life seriously.” “Until when will you grow up!” “That’s for losers and in this family we do not tolerate mediocrity.” “Locate yourself, those are not your circumstances.” Have you ever heard any of these sentences? If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you have a frustrated talent (or more than one). But not only that: you were programmed to deny your essence, that is, to deny yourself in order to meet someone else’s expectations.

The tyranny of optimism

During the lockdown, the masses were forced to contact their inner world and went into total panic. Hence the feeling of being in an oasis as soon as the totalitarian measures imposed under the pretext of controlling the health situation began to relax (except for those who live in countries like Italy, France, Canada or Australia, to name a few). Little by little they join the activities that keep them distracted and today more than ever they cling to the banalities that give meaning to their bare existence. That is why they deny all contact with reality and cling to living inside a bubble of exaggerated optimism, as artificial and grotesque as Kardashian’s butt.

Conscious waiting

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In these times, there are few things more harmful than resistance, understanding this as the fight against the global imposition of a dark and inevitable reality. With this I am not calling for submission and renouncing the freedom to be and to do in freedom, but to stop fighting for a rosy world that will never happen. The future is black and whoever refuses to be part of it has only one option: to consciously wait for the moment to get out of here. This does not mean lying in bed to watch the days go by, but quite the opposite. It is an active waiting that consists of placing yourself on the path that leads you to your goal, using the negative as an impulse to grow and strengthen yourself; and give you the opportunity to flow in life being what you really are.

The future of the humanity

The posts on this blog are consecutive. I recommend you start reading from the first. Find the full list in the Main Menu.

A year ago, most of humanity almost went crazy because of the lockdown. The psychological and psychiatric consultations for anxiety and panic attacks were given in clusters. The masses so missed contact with other people and the activities of their “normal” life that they began to lose their sanity. Meanwhile, the official media -main promoters of confinement and irrational fear, as well as of separation and division between humans-, romanticized with the attempts of closeness made by family and friends in different parts of the world, and idealized the later reunions showing “how wonderful the world would be when all this was over.” It would be, according to them, like waking up from a nightmare, like a very special reunion, a rebirth.

Sheltering from adversity

The posts on this blog are consecutive. I recommend you to start reading from the first. Find the full list in the Main Menu.

The world is in chaos and no one can deny it. Unfortunately for many, we still have to live in it. No one knows for how long or under what circumstances, but we all perceive that each day is more hostile than the one before. How to do not collapse? Where to get the strength to move forward?

Activities to increase vibration

The posts on this blog are consecutive. I recommend you start reading from the first. Find the full list in the Main Menu.

In the previous post we talked about the refuge that we can find in love, consciousness and the energy of the collective. However, there are some activities that can be very useful on a day-to-day basis, since they favor the brightness of our heart, helping the mind to abstract from the darkness that corrodes the world; and they benefit the creation of a less adverse reality while it is time to leave prison. I do not claim to discover warm water with this post. My intention is to remind you of what you already know, or to reinforce it and give you positive feedback in order to encourage you to take action on what benefits your inner state and is consistent with the goal of getting out of here.

Does polarity exist or not?

The posts on this blog are consecutive. I recommend you start reading from the first. Find the full list in the Main Menu.

A lot is said that the great problem of humanity is that it has not been able to get out of the trap of polarity. Mainly in new age circles it is affirmed that good and evil only exist in the human mind. That outside of it, everything is unified in the same energy where light and darkness are the same thing. But this perspective is not only wrong, it is dangerous.