Awarness is also renunciation

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Almost every day I talk to people who are self-aware, they say they are against the system and are willing to go as far as necessary to get out of the matrix. But everything changes suddenly as soon as we begin to talk about the renunciations that every conscious person makes in order to live in congruence. Most of them complain about everything and everyone who do not perceive reality as they do, but they are just as slaves to the system as those they criticize. And it is not the same to want to leave the matrix (assuming that this was possible in these times), than to renounce the mundane to leave this plane once and for all.

The trap of the matrix is not only in the paradigms of the old era – politics, economics, religion and science – but in the desire to be happy; in the hope that never dies; in the stubborn search for the egoic pleasure of the body, the mind and even the spirit; in the need for social acceptance, professional success or spiritual enlightenment.

This is manifested both in people who live without questioning anything around them (the so-called “asleep”), and -even more- in people who perceive themselves consciously. The first group of people conceive prosperity and abundance in material, sentimental, social, labor, economic and sexual terms, as a divine gift or as a natural consequence of “being a good person”, responsible, hard-working and persistent. They see privilege as an existential goal, but also as a synonym for success and the undeniable sign that they are doing things correctly as individuals and as a society. Those who have not yet reached that worldly state of happiness and fulfillment, know that it will come as they align with the system, and if not, it is because there is a divine plan that determines it and it must be accepted without whistle.

The perception of those who believe they are enlightened is different. Some believe that someone stole their right to achieve the prerogatives that worldly experience provides – including the freedom to disagree – and it is their obligation to overthrow tyranny to regain them, both individually and collectively. They are free as long as they access everything that was denied them: material abundance, justice, progress, “love”, acceptance, recognition…. For others, holistic well-being is the result of an active “spiritual” life. In general, this is commonly perceived as the tenacious practice of Eastern disciplines; the contact with all kinds of entities of non-human nature, the management of energies from different philosophical and esoteric traditions, or the reproduction of customs and worldviews of the original cultures.

I do not deny that all these people have been awakening their conscience, but they are far from being really conscious. They continue to live in the system because their idea of freedom is directly associated with the parameters of happiness that the mundane offers them.

Information is not awarness. Fight is not awarness. Happiness is not awarness. Hope is not awarness. Spirituality is not awarness. For a truly conscious person, all of this is part of the programming that he must shed in order to find himself. Awarness – among other things – is acceptance and renunciation. The world has reached the point where there is no tomorrow. Either you get out of here or you stay forever. Therefore, the first thing to renounce is the mundane, that is, the pursuit of happiness based on the parameters established by the system, both individually and socially. And this starts from the paradox: love also means abundance in every way, therefore, it should be a natural consequence of living in love. However, this is well known by the forces of darkness that colonized this planet and took it upon themselves to contaminate everything to turn it into an attractive and seductive chain that anchors you to this plane, instead of being a means of liberation as it was in the past.

It is very common to receive questions about the possibility of “continuing to enjoy the good things in life” without negative consequences or without reducing the inner work. Today’s society – terribly infantilized and addicted to pleasure – is not capable of discerning the evil in the human. And if he sees it, he denies it. Humanity does not want to accept that this kind of apocalypse will not have a happy ending because darkness crept into everyone, absolutely every corner of the planet and of the human experience. In such a way, a conscious person perceives reality as it is; he accepts that darkness rules this planet and nothing is going to change for the better; he sets the goal of getting out of here by accepting that he does not fit into the world and the reality imposed by the colonizers; and every day, at every moment, he chooses from love and based on the goal he set for himself, since he lives aware that risk is everywhere and it must be calculated well before taking a step. But, above all, a conscious person renounces to signify himself through human experience because he has reached such a point in his inner development, which leads him to identify with his true essence. Therefore, renouncing the mundane represents assuming an existential position where evolution is outside this plane and is achieved by transcending matter and the material in any of their forms and manifestations.

I don’t want my words to be misunderstood. I’m not saying that you can only get out of here by living on a desert island or by becoming a kind of Buddha or something like that. You can live in the world as long as you live in congruence with what you are and the goal you want to achieve. There is risk in everything, but it is logical that you cannot give up everything. You have to be aware of the difference between being at risk and being in danger, but you also have to have the maturity both to perceive it and to take responsibility for the consequences – for better or for worse – of the choices that are made in everyday life.

And although the resignations are a suit tailored to each individual, there are some that are mandatory for all humanity in these times of definition. We will deal with them in the next post.