Awareness or awakening of consciousness?

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Over time I have insisted that one thing is awareness and quite another is the awakening of consciousness. The first has to do with becoming aware of the reality that was imposed on this plane to enslave us. It involves perceiving the prison and its operation, as well as unmasking impostors both on the global stage and in the environment itself. The second term refers to the awakening of the sleeping consciousness inside a person who begins to perceive himself not as the system programmed it, but as it really is in essence. This awakening implies perceiving and accepting that humans are not only matter and mind, so there arises a strong need to know more and to experience this and other realities at a transpersonal level.

Ideally these two processes should run in parallel, however this is not always the case. Some begin to become aware of external reality, but refuse to know themselves. In other words, they get to know the prison well, but they don’t get out of it because they never did anything to get out of their cell. Others shut themselves up in their inner world, but remain ignorant of the role that the environment plays within themselves. That is, they may get to know their cell well, but they never manage to escape from prison. And it is that you cannot get very far when inner or outer reality is denied or distorted.

In addition to this, knowledge and experimentation are only one step, because authentic consciousness is what is lived, what is experienced day by day, in each decision that is made. It is useless to be aware that large corporations are like a cancer when you consume their products irrationally. It is useless to have knowledge of what was done in other lives if you do not work hard to get rid of the negative programming received in the current one.

For most, the word consciousness is equivalent to knowledge, and this to transformation. Since Freud, it is believed that the simple fact of making a disease conscious cures it. And it does help a lot, but the system made the masses believe that it is enough and it is not necessary to work to solve it, many times, at various levels and on various planes: physical, psycho-emotional, genetic and energetic. It is useless to realize that in your relationships you are repeating dysfunctional patterns learned in childhood if you do not heal the wounds that they caused you in the past and that today determine your behavior, If you do not get rid of the programming that you inherited from those patterns that today determine your behavior, if you do not free yourself from the energetic ties that you have with that past and its protagonists that today determine your behavior, if you do not modify the distorted concept that you have of yourself Because of these patterns and today they determine your behavior, if you continue to make any number of excuses not to leave your current partner despite knowing that these same patterns are what attracted you to her

From my point of view, consciousness is a variable that must be approached in an integral way: discovering something outside or inside, that is, knowledge, will always be only the first step. You have to investigate it, analyze it, get to the bottom and once you are in the dirt, accept it. Then you have to work hard to heal it and solve whatever is necessary to reach the end point: the transformation that arises from modifying behavior based on what you learned during the process. Real learning – not memorization or information gathering and storage – involves behavior modification. If a different course is not taken, then there was no learning, only experiences accumulated that at most only serve as anecdotes. If a personal transformation does not arise then you did not become aware, you continue to be a slave, but no longer of circumstances, but of yourself. Therefore, can we affirm that a person is aware when what he does is against himself? Is there authentic conscience in someone who refuses to transform what limits him, stagnates him or causes him pain and suffering? Is a person truly free when he lives a slave to his fears, his apathy or his comfort? Anyone who wants to get out of prison needs to stop playing dumb on his own and do what he knows he has to do. This is not the time to keep wasting time. It is now or never.