Activities to increase vibration

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In the previous post we talked about the refuge that we can find in love, consciousness and the energy of the collective. However, there are some activities that can be very useful on a day-to-day basis, since they favor the brightness of our heart, helping the mind to abstract from the darkness that corrodes the world; and they benefit the creation of a less adverse reality while it is time to leave prison. I do not claim to discover warm water with this post. My intention is to remind you of what you already know, or to reinforce it and give you positive feedback in order to encourage you to take action on what benefits your inner state and is consistent with the goal of getting out of here.

Bond with nature

The first tool, and perhaps the most important of all, is to disconnect from the world and connect with nature. You don’t need to dig too deep into this, it’s a no-brainer. In any case, I consider that the important thing is to refocus the vision that has been had on the approach with nature in these times. More than a contact, it is necessary to seek to establish a connection, to try to build a bridge with living beings of other species whose nature is love and who are going through the same process as us: they are also harassed and hurt by the dark, and yes, They are also doing what they can to get out of here. This is no longer the place for any being to identify with the light.

The human in his infinite egocentricity, perceives nature as another part of the scenery of the movie of his life, or worse, they use it as a flag to pretend to be someone they are not, to be accepted in certain social groups or to obtain political, economic and fiscal favors.

A conscious person understands that a link can (or should) be established with the beings of nature. Unlike many humans, they not only feel, they also have consciousness and live love in unimaginable ways. Connecting with the wonderful beings that are part of nature implies humility, sensitivity and awareness. The learning is infinite both for them and for us, and the benefits too, since they are great accomplices to give and receive the cleanest, most genuine and purest love that exists. And as in any bond that is established from love, respect, affection and perseverance are fundamental, but, above all, to approach without doubts, trusting that when you give love from conscience and without expectations, it is received and corresponds to same way.

Nature never ceases to amaze you when you bond with it. Suddenly you begin to see dry trees flourish, animals that show surprising behaviors, ecosystems that are “reborn” or are embellished, and endless manifestations of abundance and the love of nature. The world may be upside down, but when you tune your heart to this frequency, you step out of the realms of darkness and build a reality proportional to your essence.

You don’t need to live in the country or in a rural setting. You can generate a link with a plant in a pot, with the tree that lives on the sidewalk of your house, with a quartz on your desk or the little birds that come to your balcony. Treating them with love, feeding them, procuring them, singing to them or simply thanking them for their company, that they harmonize your environment and share their energy, is something that renews you and forces you to drop the barrier with which you protect your heart from the pain inherent in life in this plane.

Get physically active

It is public knowledge that exercising benefits you physically and mentally, but energetically it also adds to the project of getting out of prison, basically, because by taking care of yourself and procuring yourself you practice the first principle of love, love yourself, and because mobilizing yourself is the key to not stagnating in the dark energy pitch that is spreading across the planet.

Any physical activity that you like or that you can do falls into this category. It’s not about competing, winning medals and having a statuesque body, that’s ego in its purest form. It is about giving yourself time, treating yourself with love and, above all, overcoming yourself from consciousness by leaving the harmful comfort zone that directly or indirectly ties to darkness.

By carrying out this activity in a natural environment, the benefit is multiplied, both physically and energetically. The energy body grows and strengthens when you carry out activities that benefit you, when you face your fears, your laziness, your ego, the negative concept you have of yourself, the beliefs that limit you, when you overcome the temptation to prefer what is comfortable … Physical activity and the practice of a sport restore your confidence in yourself, strengthen your self-concept and are a source of teaching when you do it from consciousness and without any expectation beyond establishing a bond with yourself based on self-love.

This is what will open the door for us to get out of here. Choosing a sedentary life is a lot like suicide. Self-loathing manifests itself in many ways and one of them is living stagnant. A person who gets stuck in negativity, stress, anxiety, victimization, pretense, and self-pity ends up rotting. Inactivity is a poison that eats from within. Therefore, taking action implies leaving that place in which the darkness put us and to which each one ends up chaining themselves by choice, by habit or by comfort. How do you pretend to get out of this plane if you can’t even take off your shackle to go for a walk?

Fill yourself with artistic expressions and creative activities

Although darkness has invaded and dirtied art by system since the seventeenth century, artistic expressions that were created from light still persist. I do not mean to discuss what is art and what is not when I myself ignore it. I prefer to focus on appealing to conscientious people to allow themselves to feel in their hearts the energy that the artistic expression of their personal taste and preference emanates.

Note that I am not talking about enjoying a musical theme, a play or a painting. It is evident that enjoyment makes the heart glow. It is about going further and allowing yourself to perceive the energy that is in the work without falling into the trap of labeling it, judging it, comparing it and even trying to describe what it makes you feel. What I ask of you is that you feel with the heart without the mind interfering with all its programs.

A note, a color, a gesture, a perspective, a word, a character, or even a technical detail, can make you vibrate until you awaken parts of yourself that you had no idea existed. But for that to be possible it is essential that you place yourself in the present, open your heart and allow yourself to feel without the mind. How do you do that? Without asking, just doing it. It is the mind that needs a method or a structure, not you.

Every moment, no matter how short or long, that you are consciously exposed to artistic expressions, it is time that you are in yourself. They are moments of bonding with your being at a very deep level. The physical, emotional and energetic stimuli that you capture through the energy of the work and its creator or interpreters, are the ideal vehicle to get in touch with your essence and remind you of who you are when you are not your mind.

Living between nature and artistic expressions is the best pain reliever and antidepressant I know. Anyone can integrate these two elements into their space and their routine. You don’t need a big space or a juicy bank account. You only need awareness, sensitivity and disposition, the rest comes in addition.

And if, in addition, you dare to explore your creative qualities, even better. And I clarify, you do not have to be an artist to find your creative expression, all living beings have it. The problem is that she is asleep or repressed. Finding it, awakening it and working on it is a very enriching task, since you connect with your feminine energy (whether you are a woman or a man), you rescue it, heal it and you express it through activities that raise your vibration like few things. Drawing, singing, dancing, writing, declaiming, acting, painting, sculpting or any other expression of your creativity should be part of your daily life, or at least of your leisure time. Incorporate these habits of “energy hygiene” into your routine, illuminate any darkness that tries to stalk you and keeps your heart shining.

Allow yourself to be a child again, when you did not have so much prejudice and negative beliefs that do not even belong to you. When you were little you just did things, you didn’t wonder if they were right or not, if someone would judge you or reward you, you just did it and you were happy. That part of you is the source of the self-confidence that you lack in adulthood. Let it flow without expectations. It doesn’t matter if your posture, your pitch, your playing, your verses or your technique are not perfect. You are not in a contest or competing for the grand prize, those are demands that arise from the introjected system in the human mind. You simply have to be and enjoy what is done as children do, without method, structure or requirement. Explore in freedom, let out what is in your heart and flow in peace. Let the enjoyment be a constant and the light illuminate your interior and your surroundings until it is time to return home.